Property expert reveals the lighting tips that could add value to your home

From swapping a lightbulb to adding a floor lamp

If you are looking to selling your home quickly and add value, improving the lighting in your home could be the key, a property expert reveals.

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‘The difference that good lighting can make to your sale will almost always far exceed the cost of investing in and improving the light within your property,’ explains Mike Fitzgerald, Executive Chairman at Coulters Property.

‘Showcasing your home in the perfect light is crucial if you’re trying to sell your property,’ adds Julian Andruita at Smart Lighting Industries. ‘But it’s a factor that often gets overlooked. Creating an inviting and welcoming environment is key to allow potential buyers to picture themselves in your home.’

If you are due to sell your home, try one of these lighting tips to add value.

1. Make the most of natural lighting

living room with sofa and cushions and white walls

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If you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of natural lighting throughout your home, then make the most of it and arrange for any photography or viewings to take place at peak times when the house is at its brightest.

Pull curtains back from the windows, raise blinds, and open shutters to let maximum light flood into the rooms.

2. Opt for white LED bulbs

room with white led bulbs and glass sliding doors

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Make your home appear as bright as you can. Avoid bulbs that give off a warm or yellow light, which could make your rooms feel dimly lit.

Instead, opt for ‘white’ LED light bulbs that will instantly brighten a room. Cool, white light contains more blue light and will make rooms feel airy and more spacious.

3. Think about virtual viewings

room with blue walls wooden flooring and potted plants

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‘Virtual tours are becoming more and more popular with buyers, and for some buyers are the first port of call to work out compatibility before arranging an in-person viewing,’ says Mike Fitzgerald.

Arrange any virtual house viewings for daytime, rather than evening, so that viewers can see how much natural light your home gets. Ensure that your phone or camera is set to the highest quality so that the viewer gets the clearest picture. And if you have a south-facing garden, why not take the virtual tour through the property and out into the garden, too.

4. Layer the lighting

room with round wall mirror statement light and grey desk

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 Look around your home and make sure that there aren’t any dark corners or shadowy spots. Don’t rely on just a single overhead light, layer lighting levels from several sources, with a mix of table lamps on surfaces, floor lamps, and wall lights to cast a cosy glow. Highlight any focal point features or architectural details with accent lighting.

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5. Invest in smart lighting 

white smart led light

(Image credit: Smart Lighting Industries)

The addition of smart lighting in a home will increase the appeal to buyers. If you can walk them through your home (even virtually) and show off how easy to control the lighting is, then this will really add to its wow factor, especially if they haven’t got smart lighting in their current home.

Even if your house isn't on the market, we reckon these lighting tips are definitely worth a try. Who wouldn't want a home full of light?

Lisa Fazzani
Deputy Editor

Lisa is Deputy Editor of Style at Home magazine and regularly contributes to sister title Ideal Home. She has written about interiors for more than 25 years and about pretty much every area of the home, from shopping and decorating, crafts and DIY to real home transformations and kitchen and bathroom makeovers. Homes and interiors have always been a passion and she never tires of nosying around gorgeous homes, whether on TV, online, in print or in person.