February is decoration month! But it looks like we're far from being a nation of DIY-ers; most of us prefer to get someone in...

New research from the DIY experts at Homebase reveals that when it comes to updating our homes, many of us prefer to GoCOD - that's Call Out Dad to you and me...

So what type of decorator or DIY-er are you? Are you happy to get stuck in to all those household decorating projects when spring arrives, or do you pick up the phone to sweet-talk your dad into visiting at the first sign of a leaking tap or squeaky door?

Research from Homebase has identified a new breed of DIY-er - or perhaps that should be, DI-don't.

It's not that we're not feeling all inspired to go for a new look: 40% of us are planning to decorate, fuelled by our love of home decoration and DIY shows.

But it looks like we're far from being a nation of DIY-ers

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As a nation of decoration dependants, we fall into two camps: a third of those asked prefer to GoCOD (Call out Dad), reasoning that parents are simply more competent, have got the right tools and, whisper, are the 'cheapest option'. Shhh...

And, if you do have a newly decorated living room - do you come clean about who rolled up their sleeves? The DI-Liars get a tradesman in, but are embarrassed about their lack of DIY skills.

As part of Decoration Month, interiors consultant and TV presenter Naomi Cleaver is keen to give us all a little nudge in the right direction. 'Redecorating can be daunting - and it's easy to fall back on others for the simplest of jobs, but, with a little confidence and the right advice, it's easy to create a look that reflects your personality,' she says.

February is decoration month

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Of course, anyone who's wandered around Ikea on a Saturday afternoon will know that there's another reason why couples don't get around to decorating - 60% admitted to putting off projects because it 'leads to arguments'. All that compromising on paint colours... phew.

If you want fresh inspiration for those decorating schemes this month, help is at hand. 'Decoration Month is all about getting people inspired and providing practical tips and knowledge to get started,' says Joanna Bolt, Head of Trends for Homebase.

Hands up, who's off to a DIY shed this weekend?

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