This fireman bedroom mum made for her son goes viral... and cost less than £100

This bedroom is every little fireman's dream and now has thousands of fans online.

Did you ever dream of a fireman bedroom when you were younger?

Whether you wanted to be a policeman, doctor or vet, we all had dreams of putting on a uniform and doing something courageous when we were little.

Now one little boy lives out his dream every day of the week, as his Mum transforms his bedroom into an amazing mini fire station!

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Clare Curtis, from St Helens in Merseyside, has shared her incredible makeover with us. The amazing room is for four year-old son, and it's now a hit online.

bedroom makeover with raw wall

(Image credit: Clare Curtis)

Photos and a video on the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook page show her boy Elliot's room transformed.

Boasting a bright-red fire engine for a bed, a cute fire bell on the wall which he can ring, and most importantly, a fake fire poll he can play on!

Less than £100

The room is completely kitted out with fireman decorations, with one wall redecorated to look more authentic.

Clare said she used brick wallpaper from B&Q  to add an extra fireman flourish.

She even added fake red fire doors to the wall, complete with fake windows to give the impression fire trucks were hidden behind them.

After that, to make the fire engine, Clare added wooden sides to her son's bed.

She even added a few extras with a mini-fireman outfit, hazard signs on the wall and a prop fire extinguisher. Clare said she bought all these bits-and-pieces on eBay.

The thrifty Mum told Ideal Home the whole room cost her just less than £100.

Plus, her son has been obsessed with fire engines since he was a baby, so the room theme was an easy choice.

room with fire proof jacket lader and fire extinguisher

(Image credit: Clare Curtis)

Above all, Clare revealed that Elliot was 'overwhelmed' when he say the room for the first time.

'Now we can’t get him out of his room,' she added.

'Absolutely amazing' fireman bedroom

The response to Elliot's fireman bedroom is widely positive, with 11,000 likes and around 1,500 comments.

Furthermore, the transformation has even drawn praise from other thrifty parents, many of whom will have other room transformations.

fire station room with red lamp and fire blanket bag

(Image credit: Clare Curtis)

Additionally, one Facebook user says, 'This is absolutely the the neatest fire station room I have seen! the details is absolutely amazing! I be you have one very, very happy boy!'.

'Best kids room I've seen on here. Love it. Well done to you, I bet he loves it,' another admirer commented.

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An amazing effort if we do say so ourselves, bravo Claire and thanks for sharing.