Aldi is selling the ultimate solution to your home's fly problem during the heatwave

And it'll only cost you £3.99

It's hard to know what the weather will do at the moment, one minute the sun is beating down us and the next we're sprinting for cover during a downpour. However, one thing's for certain with the mercury soaring, rain or no rain most of us are sleeping with our windows open.

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Sadly, open windows mean only one thing...insects. Even during the rain pesky mosquitos and flies can soar into your home and take up residence in your kitchen, definitely not the ideal home situation.

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Thankfully our favourite discount hero Aldi has come to our rescue yet again. Aldi is currently selling door and window fly screens to keep all things creepy-crawlie at bay while your windows and doors are wide open letting in those few precious wisps of fresh air.

Aldi fly screens

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Buy now: Window fly screen, £3.99, Aldi

The window screen comes in packs of two priced at £3.99 and will fit windows up to 130 cm by 150cm. Simply attach the supplied velcro tape to the inside window and cut the net material down to size and attach to the velcro. Just remember to leave space for the window handle when fitting the net, so you don't have to keep taking the net down when the window is closed.

The fly screen door is available for the same price but has the added bonus of magnetic snap-shut closure. These are handy if you have a BBQ or are working out in the garden and need to keep popping in and out of the house.

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Buy now: Door fly screen, £3.99, Aldi

Once customers have got the hang of attaching the netting, they've been smitten with the simple but effective solution, raving about the screens on Aldi's website:

'Fabulous, it's so easy to fit it to the door frame. Love it that there are no flies to swat this year. Just walk through it, and it will click shut behind you,' says one shopper.

'Keeps flies, wasps and bees out. My only negative is that it only fits over one and a half doors, not two. It's very easy to install closes automatically when going out or in,' adds another.

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So if you're suffering a fly infestation during the heatwave, but can't face the idea of sweltering inside with all the windows shut, it might be an idea to pop down to Aldi this weekend.

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