7 lovely fondue sets to bring the apres ski party home

Treat yourself to one of these lovely fondue sets and enjoy melted cheese or chocolate, with your favourite dipping ingredients, from home. Who needs the slopes?

For whatever reason – perhaps it's the recent snowfall (or the distinct lack of skiing holidays we've been on over the past year), either way, fondue sets are selling out everywhere this month. And we're all for it – whether for cheese or chocolate. Buying a fondue set isn't just about how much food you can melt inside – you'll also want to invest in one that looks the part on your dining table. For a pretty looking setup and an easy cleanup. Oh, and let's not forget about all of the photos you'll be taking while dipping your strawberries, bread, meat and more, that will obviously make it to your Instagram.

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Keep scrolling for 7 lovely fondue sets, all in stock now – ready for you to buy and enjoy at home. Whether for a dessert with a difference, to celebrate a birthday in lockdown, or to pretend you are on the skiing holiday you're recently had cancelled. Now, what are we dunking?

7 lovely fondue sets for home use

1.Boska Marie Chocolate Fondant Set

boska marie chocolate fondant set

(Image credit: Boska)

This lovely set works with a tealight and it's white in colour with a brown metal frame. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and it comes with two forks. Nice and simple, and super affordable!

Buy now: Boska Marie Chocolate Fondant Set, £23, Amara

2. Villeroy & Boch Cast Iron Set 

villeroy and boch cast iron set

(Image credit: Villeroy & Boch)

This Villeroy & Boch set can feed up to six people at a time, and it's made from cast iron. You can use it on all hob types or even pop it in the oven to preheat your ingredients. Great for popping in the centre of a table, to match with your other Villeroy & Boch tableware, and it comes with six colour-coded forks. You'll need burner gel or burner paste to get the fire started.

Buy now: Villeroy & Boch Cast Iron Set, £29.99, Amazon

3. Trouva 6 Person Stainless Steel Fondue Set

trouva stainless steel fondue set

(Image credit: Trouva)

Complete with six porcelain bowls for your dipping needs, as well as six forks and spoons, this fondue set is ideal for dinner parties. Whether it's meat, cheese or chocolate fondue you are serving up. It all sits on a rotating wooden stand for ease of dipping, and it's made from stainless steel for easy cleaning. All you need is some gel fuel...

Buy now: Trouva 6 Person Stainless Steel Fondue Set, £90, Trouva

4. Distinctly Living Copper Effect Fondue Set Hand Finished

distinctly living copper effect fondue set hand finished

(Image credit: Distinctly Living)

If you love your copper pots and pans, then why not complete your collection with a copper fondue set? This one is stainless steel with a hammered copper finish, to draw all eyes to the middle of your table, and to prove that fondue sets can be pretty. With a black frame, this set comes with six forks and a burner – you'll need your own bowls for your dipping ingredients, and don't forget to buy burner gel.

Buy now: Distinctly Living Copper Effect Fondue Set Hand Finished, £64, Not on the High Street

5. MasterClass Cast Iron Meat / Cheese / Chocolate Fondue Set

masterclass cast iron meat cheese chocolate fondue set

(Image credit: MasterClass)

Not only is this fondue set on sale right now (it's a bargain!) but it's also cast iron so boasts incredible heat retention. Pop it on a board similar to the picture above, with your favourite things to dip dotted around it. It includes colour-coded forks so that the family can tell theirs from others.

Buy now: MasterClass Cast Iron Meat / Cheese / Chocolate Fondue Set, now £40 at Amazon

6. Symple Stuff Mariann 7 Piece Ceramic Fondue Set

symple stuff mariann ceramic fondue set

(Image credit: Symple Stuff)

Well, isn't this cute? A small fondue set for chocolate lovers, it comes with four forks to dip your strawberries, and it requires just one tealight to do the magic. With handles either side for easy carrying, too. It's made from ceramic and it reads 'fondue au chocolate' – one for a date night at home, we reckon. The best part? It's dishwasher safe!

Buy now: Symple Stuff Mariann 7 Piece Ceramic Fondue Set, £33.99, Wayfair

7. Boska Party Fondue Mr. Big

boska party fondue set

(Image credit: Boska)

If you are planning a large post-lockdown fondue party (can we come?), then this is the fondue set for you. Or, perhaps you have a large fondue-loving family? This set can hold a lovely 6.5 litres of cheese or chocolate – that's enough to feed 12 people. It's also safe for use on a hob, for pre-heating, and it comes with 12 forks and three burners.

Buy now: Boska Party Fondue Mr. Big, now £270, Harts of Stur

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What are you waiting for? Let's get dipping! We hope this roundup inspired you to add a fondue set to your kitchen cupboard.

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