From smart fridges to facial recognition – this is what the Ideal Home of the future will look like

According to a futurologist
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  • If you grew up watching Back to the Future, you might have expected that by 2019 you’d be living in a futuristic home where we’d be flying around in hover cars and have robots walk our dogs.

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    While we’re still waiting for both these inventions, a report from Allianz Partners has revealed that our futuristic homes in 2040 could prove even wackier than the ones Marty Mcfly encountered in 2015.

    The report written by futurologist Ray Hammon. He predicts that by 2040 robots will be whipping up your tea in the kitchen and 3D printing will be the norm.

    futuristic homes 1

    Image credit: Allanz Partners

    Why don’t we take a look at what updates on our Ideal Home we can expect in 2040.

    Our futuristic home

    Facial-recognition cat flaps

    We already have phones that are unlocked by your face, so it’s not a big lap to learn that security systems in futuristic homes in 2040 will use facial recognition software.

    futuristic home 2

    Image credit: David Giles

    Gone will be the days of forgetting your keys when just a quick smile and your front door will pop open. More importantly you will no longer have to worry about unwanted visitors through your cat flap as the same software will work for your pets.

    3D clothes printing

    You might expect the homes of 2040 to have a clever solution to recieving online shopping parcels. However, Allianz Partners’ report predicts that smart homes in 2040 will be 3D printing centres, thanks to faster internet connection.

    From the comfort of your own home you’ll be able to make clothing, toys, sports equipment and even new furniture.

    futuristic homes 3

    Image credit: Maree Homer

    Robotic chef

    Hand’s up if you’ve ever fantasised about having a personal chef, able to whip your kids up a nutrious meal without you lifting a finger. Well in the future your kitchen will come fully fitted with a robotic chef.

    futuristic home 4

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    If will follow recipes to the letter – unlike your partner. It will use connected ovens and cookers than can be turned on remotely to the correct temperature and switchs off automatically when cooking is complete.

    A fridge that shops for you

    Rather than just being handy for pinning a shopping list on, by 2040 most houses will be equipped with a smart fridge.

    Futuristic home 5

    Image credit: Holly Joliffe

    They will monitor freshness and quality of food, and re-order supplies when you are out of something. Sadly, as of yet, there is no prediction for a robot or AI that will dispose of the gone off milk for you or put the shopping away – but we can dream.

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    What do you predict your 2040 ideal futuristic home will look like?

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