Kitchen appliances of the future – which would you most love in your home?

These clever concepts might appear in every kitchen, ten years from now

Can you imagine life without a washing machine? Or a microwave. Or even a dishwasher? Back in the 1920s, 1950s and 1960s, respectively, such appliances were the stuff of science fiction – or at least the very rich. But now, you're unlikely to find a new kitchen without them.

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So what is the next big thing in the world of appliances? Wine coolers, sous-vide ovens and bespoke hobs may all lay a claim to the title – but Electrolux has gone a step further. It's come up with four concept appliances for the future, any of which could be the most covetable kitchen gadget in years to come.

Which one gets your vote?

1. The Serve and Preserve combi fridge

kitchen with wooden flooring and fridge

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This is no ordinary fridge-freezer-cum-larder. In all three compartments, temperature-control technology keeps individual items of food at its freshest. Whether that's dry goods like rice and pasta, fruit and veg, meat, cheese or ice cream.

2. The CleanCut knife and chopping board cleaner

kitchen with cutting board and cut knife

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Alongside countertops and sinks, cutting boards are one of the most bacteria-ridden spots in a kitchen. So to keep bugs at bay, Electrolux has invented this board and knife washer, which cleans the offending articles in a flash, preventing germs from spreading. We can really see this idea taking off.

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3. The FlexiChill wine chiller and dispenser

kitchen with bar glass

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Wine dispensers themselves are nothing new – you often see them in trendy bars these days. However, this at-home version is super clever, and ensures you can enjoy a glass without having to finish the whole bottle. Bottles are chilled, and argon gas used in place of oxygen to preserve your precious plonk!

4. The SenseOven 2.0

kitchen with sense oven and wooden background

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Last but not least we have this smarty pants oven. The cleverest bit about it is the glass front, which changes opacity to communicate different aspects of the cooking process. Tell it what you are cooking, for example, and it light up the best shelf to cook on. It will do the same when it's time to lift the food out. The door even opens and closes automatically, so you can retrieve you dinner with ease.

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