IKEA smart blinds – all you need to know about exciting new launch

The pioneering homes retailer is leading the way once again for homes of the future

Have you heard the whispers of new IKEA smart blinds? The rumours are true, they are launching very soon – we've seen them!

Smart new motorised designs allow you to control your blinds at the touch of a button. Futuristic and fantastic and as always with IKEA totally affordable, with prices starting from £90.

Launching from the end of August the range comprises of two designs – FYRTUR a black-out blind and KADRILJ a semi-sheer.

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We asked IKEA to answer the burning questions we all want to know about the new blinds. Here's all you need to know...

New IKEA smart blinds

room with white wall and grey smart blinds and wooden floor

(Image credit: Ikea)

All you need to know about new FYRTUR and KADRILJ smart blinds

How do you install the blinds?
It’s really simple, not too dissimilar from existing blinds – just follow the assembly instructions included.

Do they require an electrician to install?
No, the motorised blinds come complete with a rechargeable battery – no need to wire into the mains electricity.

How are the wireless blinds operated?
The blinds can be used most simply with the remote control included. Alternatively pair them with the IKEA TRÅDFRI app, available to install on iOS or Android. Do this via the TRÅDFRI gateway (sold separately). Multiple blinds can be operated by the same means.


grey colour smart blind

(Image credit: Ikea)

Can voice control operate the blinds?
Yes, through the app you can control both via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

What’s the design difference between FYRTUR and KADRILJ?
Both feature the same motorised mechanism. KADRILJ fabric is sheer, allowing light through while providing privacy. FYRTUR is a black-out woven material to block out all light – creating the ideal sleeping environment.

Can the motorised blinds pair with existing IKEA blinds?
Yes! KADRILJ has the same fabric as SKOGSKLÖVER grey blinds, and FYRTUR has the same fabric as TRETUR grey.

room with white wall wooden floor and sheer smart blinds

(Image credit: Ikea)

Can they be cut to fit window sizes?
Sadly no, but both designs are available in 5 different sizes.With 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm and 140cm hopefully there's one to fit most window sizes.

Can the KADRILJ or FYRTUR blinds be used in bathrooms/outdoors?

No, for healthy and safety reasons. They can be used in all other indoor areas of the home.

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We attended IKEA Democratic Design Days last month to see the blinds in action.

The new designs are pretty impressive, sure to change the way we use our homes to their full futuristic potential.

How smart is your home? Are you ready for these new blinds?


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