Mrs Hinch’s favourite sponge is now available in a chic new colourway

A perfect match for grey bathrooms and kitchens

Mrs Hinch's favourite sponge has had a chic new makeover. Meet the brand new grey Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy.

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The new grey shade is part of the Scrub Daddy Style collection. And it is a far cry from the bright yellow of the original Scrub daddy. Even the Scrub Mommy has glowed up, the dual side sponge has swapped the yellow sponge side for pristine white.

The new stylish shade of sponge means that you can proudly leave your Scrub Daddy on display in your bathroom or kitchen. The smart new colourway has already made an appearance on Mrs Hinch's bathroom sink on her Instagram stories.

grey scrub with sink bowl

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It seems she isn't the only fan of the new Scrub Daddy Style Collection. When a photo of the Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy in their new stylish outfits appeared on Homebargains Instagram, it clocked up 9,490 likes.

'Whattttt!!? Omg, need them in my life,' wrote one excited fan.
'Yes and we all don't need them but wanttttt them! 💝💝💝😍' commented another.

grey scrub and sink bowl

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When the original Scrub Daddy launched in the UK, it almost immediately gained cult status among cleaning fans. Every clean-fluencer from Mrs Hinch to Lynsey Queen of Clean started scrubbing their homes with the hard-working scrubber.

The secret to the Scrub Daddy's success is the material it's made out of. The FlexTexture that makes up the sponge, changes texture based on your water temperature.

When dipped in cold water the sponge remains firm, perfect for touch scrubbing. In warm water, it becomes soft, ideal for cleaning jobs that require a lighter touch.

grey scrub with white tiles and tap

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Buy now: Grey Scrub Daddy, £3.49, Packing Sorted

It is perfect for cleaning around the house as well as washing up pots and pans, without leaving a scratch. Because he dries so quickly it doesn't encourage bacterial growth and resists bad odours.

However, it is always worth giving your sponge or scourer a clean every not and again. The brand recommends sanitising your Scrub Daddy by popping it in the top rack of your dishwasher or the microwave.

The new Style Collection is available to buy online at Packing Sorted. You can also pick the new grey sponge up from The Range and Homebargains.

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Are you tempted by Scrub Daddy's new style?

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