Lynsey Queen of Clean reveals how to stay on top of housework during lockdown

Including how to get the kids involved

It's hard to know where to start using your spare time, especially if you are struggling to stay on top of housework in lockdown. We spoke to Lynsey Crombie, a.k.a Lynsey Queen of Clean to get her top tips on how to keep your home looking spotless during lockdown.

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From getting the kids involved to using this time to spring clean the garden. The cleaning guru shares how she is keeping her home pristine amongst the madness, and the household jobs she's tackling.

Lynsey Queen of Clean's tips to stay on top of housework in lockdown

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1. Set a daily challenge

'Set yourself a daily challenge to help keep you motivated,' suggests Lynsey.

It can be as simple as vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom tiles. If you can't decide on your challenge you can follow Lynsey's spring-cleaning challenge on Instagram.

2. Delegate household tasks

'Delegate task to the kids too, as there are plenty of cleaning and organising tasks that they can do,' explains Lynsey.

Kids can easily help out with the vacuuming, tidying their own rooms or the laundry – though you might need to give little ones an extra helping hand. A family chore schedule will make sure that everyone is doing their bit to keep the home tidy while staying at home.

3. Spring clean your garden

If you have a garden, this is the perfect time to give it a proper scrub ahead of Summer.

'Spring clean your garden, tidy up the flowerbeds, weed, jet-wash the patio areas and clean over garden furniture and parasols,' recommends Lynsey.

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4. Declutter your wardrobes and cupboards

Now is the perfect time to really rifle through your cupboards and work out what you do and don't need. However, only do it if you have the space to store your cast-offs.

'Declutter wardrobes and cupboards but do not take items to the charity shop and leave outside,' says Lynsey. 'Leave these items in your shed, garage or even the boot of your car.'

You can find more tips and tricks for keeping your home in tip-top condition in Lynsey's new book 'The Easy Life – Quick Ways to Clean and Manage Your Home All Year Round,' out now.

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Will you be getting your house in order this week?

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