Fake a tiled hallway with paint for just £32 – one savvy homeowner shows us how it’s done

This hallway transformation shows how a little can go a long way, if you're willing to do it yourself

We love a good home transformation reveal. None more so than those on an incredibly affordable budget. And those which we can do ourselves, to save paying a tradesman. A fine example of just that is this incredible hallway transformation – where a painted concrete floor creates a more expensive tiled-look finish.

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We spotted this impressive DIY job on Facebook, courtesy of DIY dab hand Tracy Cloutman. Tracy tells us how the hallway was originally tiled, but she had them removed due to the use of asbestos glue.

Wanting the same look without the expense, after all of that, Tracy felt inspired to get the look with paint instead.

Tracy's hallway before

hallway with concerted floor before makeover

(Image credit: Tracy Cloutman)

After the tiles were removed the floor was concreted. Tracy didn't want flooring or vinyl, deciding on paint instead. Saying, 'We decided on painting, so had to find the correct paint that was long lasting, and wouldn't chip or scratch'.

The paint to meet the requirements was Ronseal Garage Floor paint.

Step 1 – tape guidelines put in place ready to paint

hallway tape on flooring ready for painting

(Image credit: Tracy Cloutman)

First step for the DIY task at hand was measuring out the guidelines to mark with Frog Tape. Tracy choose a diamond trellis pattern, to create the illusion of floor tiles.

Steps 3 & 4 Painting the tiled pattern

hallway with grey tile painted floor

(Image credit: Tracy Cloutman)

You can already see the tile-effect taking shape. The key is to make sure the tape is press down firmly to ensure the paint doesn't bleed. And be sure to take care when painting between the lines.

The undercoat shade is the Ronseal Garage Floor Paint in Slate. The white stripe is painted over the top in Rustoluem Universal Paint in White.

hallway with grey tile painted flooring and mat

(Image credit: Tracy Cloutman)

Tracy says, 'Garage paint takes four hours to dry completely. But was walkable in 2 hours in the hallway, because feet are less impact then a car obviously.'

hallway with grey tile painted flooring and white door

(Image credit: TBC)

The overall cost was just £31.98. With Tracy giving us a breakdown, ' £19.99 for the Ronseal Garage Floor Paint (from The Range), £5.99 for one roll of frog tape 24mm wide by 50 metres long, and £6.00 for the Rustoluem Universal Paint in White.'

Not only cost-effective it wasn't too time consuming either, With Tracy summing up, 'The whole hallway took a weekend of this was due to paint drying time then taking up tape replacing for white lines to be painted.'

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Is your hallway in need of a makeover? Or do you have an amazing kitchen transformation you'd love to share?

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