Nearly 70 per cent of us wish we had this room in our homes, but don’t. Are you one of the lucky ones?

This highly desirable space is far more functional than you'd think...
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  • What is the one room we wish we had in our homes but don’t? It’s not a celebrity-worthy cinema room. It’s not a fashionista’s dream walk-in wardrobe. It is in fact a highly functional and practical utility room.

    New research by kitchen specialists Harvey Jones reveals two thirds of Brits, 68 per cent, do not have a utility room in their house but all wish they did. With 75 per cent of those who are lucky enough to have a dedicated space saying how invaluable it is.

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    Where do you stand on the utility room front? Desire or dream come true?

    Home wishlist – Utility room

    utility room in pink

    Image credit: Linear range by Harvey Jones

    Utility rooms are the desirable dream space for keeping kitchen chaos at bay. This small room or space provides a dedicated area to save the kitchen from being cluttered with large appliances. It can help to alleviate the kitchen of strained storage needs.

    The research also unearthed that overall cleanliness of kitchen spaces sparks 36 per cent of household rows. Could having a utility rom space be the answer to the squabbling? Housing all the cleaning up essentials and washing appliances in a totally separate room could be the answer to eliminating arguments of this nature.

    Grey Shaker-style utility room

    Image credit: Shaker Kitchen range by Harvey Jones

    If you house doesn’t have space for a whole room you could try to emulate the look with smart storage. Kitchen Designer Matt Baker suggests ways to make your small space feel more generous and like that of a utility room.

    ‘Box shelving is a great way to open up a space without overwhelming the room’ Matt explains. ‘If the space is small covering the walls in cabinets can make a room feel cramped and full of shadows’.

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    ‘There is an opportunity to go for tall appliance housings to stack units such as washing machines or dryers,’ he suggests. ‘Leaving the rest of the room clear for practical storage solutions such as double base cabinets or coat hooks’.

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