And the worst town in the UK is...? Drum roll please as the award that no one wants is finally announced

Think you've got it bad? Spare a thought for the residents of Hemel Hempstead who have just found out they're living in the 'Ugliest Town' in the UK - but is it all that bad?

Well, it's one award that won't be getting a special place on the
mantelpiece. The dubious honour of 'worst town' in the UK has been
awarded to... Hemel Hempstead.

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The Hertfordshire town has been handed the dubious accolade by the authors of Crap Towns. But does it deserve the award?

One of the authors behind the survey, Sam Jordison, said: 'I know exactly why Hemel did so well in the poll. I've been there once. And once was more than enough.'


What do you think? If you love Hemel Hempstead, we'd love to hear from you.

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Other high (or low) scorers on the list are Luton, Slough and Bracknell.
For many, Luton will be forever assocated with the retro Campari
adverts of the 1970s where a glamorous Lorraine Chase announced she had
just flown in 'from Luton airport' in a Cockney accent.

The full list of the 50 worst towns is set to be announced in a book entitled Crap Town Returns which the authors claim is 'back by unpopular demand'. A perfect gift for the office Secret Santa.

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But the misery doesn't stop there. The same company is currently undertaking a new poll to uncover the 'dullest town' in the UK.

Current hot contenders are Banbury, Leamington Spa and ... wait for it... Chipping Norton. We wonder what Chipping Norton locals will think of that?

Current residents include none other than Rebekah Brooks, Jeremy Clarkson and our very own Prime Minister, David Cameron. Hmm...

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The first edition of Crap Towns, published in 2003, sold more than
100,000 copies and provoked outrage from residents located in the towns
ridiculed. We're just waiting for the backlash from this one. Your opinion please Jeremy Clarkson?

Here's the full list of winners (or losers) for your perusal:

Worst Town

Hemel Hempstead - 785

Luton - 592

Slough - 352

Bracknell - 338

Birmingham -312

Camberley - 311

Coventry - 295

Cumbernauld - 100

Hatfield - 51

Gateshead - 48

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