One in five Millennials now has one of these for their home – and the number is set to grow...

It's making for a more harmonious home life

It's the new must-have for co-habiting Millennials. And no, it's NOT Millennial pink walls or Instagrammable neon lights. It's a time saver that, to be honest, most of us dream of... our very own cleaner.

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It seems that the multiple jobs and 'side hustles', demanding social lives and long commutes are taking their toll, and finding time to clean the house is becoming increasingly impossible. Besides, it's precious time we'd prefer to spend at the gym, playing with our kids or playing cultural catch up at the cinema or theatre. Who wants to spend the only hour a week we have to ourselves scrubbing the loo or vacuuming under the sofa? No wonder an increasing number are hiring a cleaner.

Why do people hire a cleaner?

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Interior specialist Hillarys surveyed more than 2,000 people in the Millennial age bracket of 22 to 37 years old, asking questions about their cleaning habits. Exactly 20 per cent of those asked admitted to having a cleaner, and a further 42 per cent wanted one but couldn't afford it. Only 15 per cent felt they had enough time to do their own cleaning.

The top reason for hiring a cleaner was lack of time (75 per cent). However, more than half (54 per cent) said that cleaning and chores had caused too many arguments between housemates or themselves and a partner. A very honest 38 per cent said they just didn't want to do it!

How much does a cleaner cost?

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When asked how much they paid for their cleaner per hour, the average worked out to be £12 per hour. Typically, people ask their cleaner to come once a week for at least two hours., costing them, on average, £1,248 per year.

When surveyed, our Millennials were asked what they did for a living, so it's possible to work out which professionals were likely to get a cleaner in. Doctors came top, with 14 per cent hiring outside cleaning help, followed by teachers (10 per cent) and construction workers (9 per cent). Given the long hours expected of these occupations, it's not surprising they need domestic help.

Ideal Home's top tips for hiring a cleaner

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1. Ask around

Seek recommendations from friends and family, as almost half of domestic help is found through word of mouth. You might even get a package deal if you go in with some neighbours and get the cleaner to blitz all your homes on the same day of the week. 

2. Use an agency

Hiring through an established agency should mean added security as references should have been checked. You’ll often be required to pay a one-off agency fee and then between £7-10 per hour direct to the cleaner.

3. Get references

If you find someone yourself make sure you get references, and if you feel necessary a CRB check (Criminal Records Bureau). It’s important your cleaner is reliable and trustworthy and previous employers will be able to tell you this.

4. Suggest a trial period 

An initial trial of three to four weeks will allow you to get to know each other and see if you're a good fit. Also make sure you walk your cleaner room-to-room and tell them what you expect before they start. This is also the time to agree who provides what – in most cases, the homeowner will be expected to supply cleaning products and tools, though some cleaners like to bring their own vacuum. 

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