Watch Holly and Phillip's hilarious laundry gaffe... and grab a top tip for drying clothes indoors

We're also found three airers UNDER £30

Are struggling to dry your washing indoors at the minute? It's not a new problem, but it is an age-old one, which This Morning expert Alice Beer tried to solve back in 2018 with a nifty heated airer from Lakeland. But unfortunately for her, and hilariously for us,  Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were in mischievous moods as she tried to demo it!

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The trouble starts when Phillip tried to work out how the heater is powered. 'so that's plugged in,' he asks, innocently. 'Yes, can you not feel how hot it is,' Holly replies, a tad sarcastically.

'Well I thought it could be solar powered, I don't know,' says Philip. To which Holly retorts, 'There's no sun – which is the point we're doing this item! You may as well get a washing line!'

Alternatively, you could save on these three airers, all on sale right now!

Black Friday heated airers under £30

Electric heated clothes airer, was £89.99, now from £28.99, Wowcher

Electric heated clothes airer, was £89.99, now from £28.99, Wowcher

Measuring 94 x 50 x 74cm, this airer comes with or without arms. Only the central rails are heated but use the trick below to keep in the heat.

Expanding winged heated clothes airer, was £97.99, now £29, Wowcher

Expanding winged heated clothes airer, was £97.99, now £29, Wowcher

Has three heat settings plus a timer function that allows you to select anything from 30 minutes to seven hours.

Winged heated clothes airer, was £59.99, now £29, Wowcher

Winged heated clothes airer, was £59.99, now £29, Wowcher

All 18 rails are heated to between 50 and 55 degrees – ideal for drying your clothes indoors.

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Top tip for drying clothes on an airer

clothes pegs on a clothes airer

(Image credit: TBC)

If you continue to watch the video, you'll pick up a great tip from 'David in wardrobe'. Rather than pay £34.99 for a cover that will help your clothes dry quicker, he suggests putting your duvet cover over the top of the airer to contain the heat.

What a clever idea!

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