Lynsey Crombie share her genius hack to dry clothes faster in winter

Don't let the cold weather put a stop to regular clean sheets
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  • As the weather gets colder, getting you laundry dry can become an impossible challenge. Simply hanging it out to dry can take over a day if you haven’t cranked the heating up.

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    Luckily Lynsey Crombie, known as Lynsey Queen of Clean to her Instagram followers, has some handy tips on how to dry clothes quickly. Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, the cleaning guru shared her top hacks to cut down on drying time whether you are using a tumble dryer or not.

    How to dry clothes quickly

    1.Don’t overload the washing machine

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    This simple tip won’t just mean your clothes are cleaned more easily. But they will also retain less water, and dry quicker.

    ‘If you’ve got too much washing in, the water is really going to retain and your clothes are going to come out so much wetter,’ explains Lynsey.

    2.Tag on an extra spin cycle

    Get rid of any excess water by doing an extra spin cycle at the end of a wash.

    ‘After you’ve done your washing, just flip it and do an extra spin. An extra 10 minutes can make a huge difference to your drying time,’ says Lynsey.

    3.Do your washing in the morning

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    If you don’t have a tumble dryer, try to do your washing in the morning. That way you can hang it out to dry during the day when the heating is most likely to be on. Hopefully, your sheets should be dry by bedtime.

    4.Use tin foil balls

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    If you are lucky enough to own a tumble dryer, popping a couple of tin foil balls in the drum can help speed up the drying time and reduce static.

    ‘Now this is a really old tip, my nan told me about this one, years ago,’ explains Lynsey. ‘So, make some really hard tin foil balls, do three or four and pop them inside your tumble dryer, particularly if you’re doing delicates… and this will reduce that static in there.’

    You can also use tumble dryer balls or new tennis balls. These will help separate the items in the dryer to speed up the drying time.

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    Simple tips to help you enjoy clean sheets this winter.

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