The largest house price growth in British soaps revealed – Corrie's residents aren't just investing in drama

Come car crash or gas explosion, house prices are still on the rise

Emmerdale scooped up the award for Britain's best soap at the National Television Awards this week. However, when it comes to house price growth in soapland, Coronation Street was the real winner.

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If you ever wondered why people continue to live on Coronation Street after countless car crashes, explosions and all kinds of drama, we might finally have found out why. A study into house price growth in the UK's most famous streets on TV revealed that the residents in Coronation street will have seen the largest boost in house prices over the four years.

house with brick wall and green and white windows

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV/ Coronation Street)

Using ONS data, Barclays Mortage calculated how much a single brick would cost in each fictional neighbourhood in soap land. They then looked at how this price had risen over four years.

Coronation street has seen a 19 per cent jump in price over the last four years, with the average cost of brick rising from £27 to £32. Despite being the scene of endless catastrophe's including a fatal gas explosion and car crashes, house prices are still on the rise. So it seems that Corrie's residents might not just be living there for the drama.

house with yellow stone wall and blue door

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV/ Coronation Street)

The average price of the iconic terraced houses currently stands at £170,000. That means house prices on Coronation Street have grown ten times faster than house prices in the rest of the UK over the last four years.

However, despite Coronation Street seeing the largest house price growth, unsurprisingly EastEnders claimed the top spot as the most expensive neighbourhood in soapland.

The average house prices in East London, where EastEnders is set, stand at around £565,018. However, the cost of a brick in Albert Square has seen the biggest change, with a dramatic 27 per cent drop since 2015. But one brick alone will still set you back £109 alone.

house with brick wall and white windows

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV/ Coronation Street)

Emmerdale experienced a similar fate, with a drop in house price of 12 per cent. That works out at an average loss of £6 per brick in the Yorkshire Dales based soap.

Hollyoaks, was the only other fictional location, alongside Coronation Street to see a growth in house prices. The town in Chester saw house prices grow by 11 per cent to an average of £207,098 in 2019.

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Why the investment prospects on Coronation Street seem tempting, we're not sure we'll be planning to join Weatherfield's there anytime soon.

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