How house proud are you? A new survey tells all…

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  • It also reveals what aspects of our home we're most likely to show off to friends

    They say ‘a tidy house makes a tidy mind’, but it seems we’re so house proud, we’re fast becoming a nation of Hyacinth Buckets. A survey recently carried out by kitchen specialists Magnet has revealed that many of us live in fear of being judged by own hired help.

    In fact, two thirds of us are so concerned about being secretly criticised over, for example, a sink full of dirty dishes, that we are willing to clean up before the cleaner arrives. Talk about giving them an easier ride!

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    Nesting Brits are taking more satisfaction in their homes than ever before as the survey also revealed that the living room (46 per cent) and kitchen (32 per cent) are the two rooms we like to show off the most. And a staggering 95 per cent of Brits consider themselves house-proud.

    It’s not just the furniture and electrical items that matter – half of us say it’s important that crockery and other soft furnishing match. But only for special guests, as the majority of Brits (78 per cent) get their best crockery and cutlery out less than twice a year.

    The top-ten household objects we’re most proud of

    Professional art
    Display cabinet
    Sound system
    Children’s art
    Dinner service
    Coffee machine

    And, it seems it also depends on where your house is located in Britain as to whether you are a neat freak or a mucky pup. Yorkshire (96%) is the most house-proud region of the country, while those in Wales considered this the least important.

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    A Magnet spokesperson says: ‘We set out to identify how house-proud we are as a nation, and we were reassured to see just how much a nice home means to us. In times of economic uncertainty, people want a home haven they can relax and de-stress in, but also that they can show off to friends and visitors as a marker of what they work hard for.’

    The survey concludes that quarter of us take greater pride in our home than our parents did at the same age. Almost a third are prouder than they were 10 years ago, while half of the homeowners surveyed (51 per cent) confess to having been embarrassed about their homes previously when hosting guests.

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    So, the next time you quiver about the amount of dust under the sofa, just relax and leave it to the professionals. We’re sure they’ve seen worse – you hope.

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