Revealed: The home cleaning jobs that we’re most likely to avoid

Are you guilty of dodging these tasks?

We recently discovered that the average Brit spends a shocking 2175 days doing chores in their lifetime. Yet a recent study has revealed that there are some cleaning jobs that prove so arduous that we simply avoid doing them altogether, and even pretend to others that we have done them to get away with it!

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The study, carried out by Web-Blinds, polled 2,238 UK homeowners to uncover the dirty truth about the cleaning habits of Brits.

Participants were given an extensive list of cleaning jobs and asked to come clean about which of those they tend to avoid within their home. The most frequently avoided errands have been revealed:

5. 48 per cent of people avoid cleaning skirting boards
4. 53 per cent of people avoid mopping
3. 57 per cent of people avoid dusting high shelves and cupboards
2. 66 per cent avoid cleaning windows
1. 71 per cent of people avoid cleaning the oven

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We can't say we blame anyone for avoiding these tasks - they are certainly some of the most time-consuming and energy-draining of household chores.

During the survey more than two thirds of Brits admitted to regularly carrying out the ‘bare minimum’ when it comes to keeping their property clean and tidy. So a quick run round with the hoover and some bleach down the toilet then?

In addition, just under a quarter of participants revealed that they only fully clean their homes if they are expecting friends, family or house guests to come over or stay the night. That's quite a lot of people saving cleaning for special occasions only!

Which household chores do you avoid doing at all costs? Let us know in the comments box below...