Household debates solved: no more arguing about how the toilet paper hangs or where the ketchup lives

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  • We all have our weird and wonderful ways of keeping our homes in order, but what happens with you cohabit and disagree on how things should be done?

    It is often the little things we do around the home that can trigger the biggest arguments when living with partners. We can all probably admit to being guilty of bickering over where condiments live while unpacking the weekly shop, or getting annoyed if the toilet paper is replaced hanging the opposite way to how you would do it.

    Hillarys have carried out research, taking a majority vote to settle these household debates once and for all. They asked 2,296 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they lived with a partner and would often disagree on the the little things. Thirty three per cent said they were mostly likely to disagree on ‘where things should be stored’.

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    All respondents were initially asked: ‘Do you like to do/have things a certain way at home, but find your partner thinks differently?’ to which 68 per cent relied yes, with 30 per cent saying they would disagree about ‘how to use certain things’ and 16 per cent stating ‘how quickly things should be done’ as another common debate.

    So what are the little things that get us all in a huff? Here are the top 10 most common grievances solved once and for all:

    1. Toilet roll – 78 per cent agreed it should hang to the front, rather than unroll backwards
    2. Ketchup – 77 per cent said ketchup should live in the fridge
    3. Blinds – 69 per cent agreed they should be tilted upwards internally
    4. Pillows – 65 per cent said they should be partly covered by the duvet, not sat on top
    5. Potatoes – 61 per cent said these should be stored in the kitchen cupboard (not the fridge presumably?!)
    6. Mayonnaise – 60 per cent prefer their mayo in the fridge
    7. Eggs –54 per cent agreed these live in the kitchen cupboard not the fridge (slight controversial ruling for some at Ideal Home HQ)
    8. Doormats – 54 per cent said mats should live outside the front door
    9. Bread – 53 per cent said this should be stored in the bread bin
    10. Toothbrush – 51 per cent keep theirs on the sink

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    According to the poll 81 per cent of those quizzed stated that they didn’t know why they felt so strongly about things being done is a certain way, it’s maybe just something picked up from childhood and doing as our parents do. Whatever the reason there’s no denying that it can be a problem if you can’t agree to disagree. Maybe this research can go some way to helping settle the debate.

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    Tanya Irons, spokesperson for Hillarys says of the findings: ‘We all like things a certain way, and living with someone initially can be tricky if they don’t agree with the way we do things.

    ‘There are options; if you both like ketchup in different places, why not buy two bottles and have your own? It’s better to talk about it than to do things passively aggressively to get your point across.’

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