Your garden can add £45,000 to the value of your home – here's how!

Your outdoor space could make you money... especially in London!

Pottering in the garden on a sunny afternoon is one of those little joys in life, but did you know having a well-kept outdoor space can add as much as 20 per cent to the value of your home?

Research by My Tool Shed has discovered that by simply sprucing up your garden, the average UK house price could increase by up to a whopping £46,552, especially in urban areas, such as London. So when prospective buyers view a house, what's outside can count almost as much as what's inside!

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Here are the top 15 ways to increase your property value by looking after your garden. Trowels at the ready...

Maintain your garden

garden with green foliage cushion brick wall

(Image credit: Future PLC /Polly Eltes)

1. Keep the lawn smart by cutting the grass regularly. No one wants a jungle in their back yard!

2. Weed the flower beds to keep them looking neat.

3. Give the fence a fresh coat of paint or varnish – Cuprinol has lots of shades to choose from and grey is particularly fashionable right now, allowing your flowers and foliage to truly pop.

4. Treat the decking with a protective wood stain and remove any dirt or moss

Invest in some hard landscaping

garden with water fountain flowering plant and pathway

(Image credit: Future PLC /Julian Neiman)

5. Separate your garden into zones with clear purposes – for example, dining, relaxing, vegetable growing...

6. Install a water feature for a more relaxed ambience.

7. Keep it low maintenance so as not to put off buyers.

8. Patch up any cracks or gaps in the patio or pavement.

Buy these extras for an easy win

garden with sofa chair potted plant grey door

(Image credit: Future PLC /Dominic Blackmore)

9. Add outdoor furniture so viewers can imagine themselves relaxing in the space

10. Introduce colour and interest with potted plants

11. Buy a shed as an additional storage feature

12. If there's space, add an outbuilding that can be used as an office or playroom

Think about privacy and safety

garden with white shed potted plant green lawn

(Image credit: Future PLC /Jamie Mason)

13. Keep the space secure by adding locks to gates and sheds.

14. Include outdoor lighting – fix a security light or hang some solar lights for ambience.

15. Keep the space private by making sure fences are in place or planting shrubs so the area isn't overlooked.

A further study by Foxtons Estate Agents has shown that 62 per cent of their customers said that a garden was important to them with a further 72 per cent saying they'd pay more for a property with outdoor space. In fact, simply just having an outdoor space in London can increase the value of your property by £90,000.

So where are the hot spots for adding value in London? Islington tops the chart at an enormous extra £90K simply for having an outdoor space. Merton is in second at £60,000 and Haringey a close third at £55,000. Further East, Greenwich and Lewisham both have the potential for increases of £50K.

Get ready to channel your inner Alan Titchmarsh!

Stephanie Durrant
Deputy Editor Style at Home

Steph Durrant is the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home’s sister magazine, Style at Home. Steph is an experienced journalist with more than 12  years under her belt working across the UK’s leading craft and interiors magazines. She first joined the team back in 2016 writing for both homes brands, specialising in all things craft, upcycling and DIY.