What are the most iconic living rooms on TV?

Purple paint, striped armchairs and tonnes of taxidermy - you'll recognise these living rooms in an instant

You've sipped tea with the Dowager there, you've watched Carrie play dress up and you were there when Monica and Chandler found out they were adopting a baby (gets us every time). These are the iconic TV living rooms you grew up with and they're now so recognisable to you, you scarcely remember they're on a film set. Here are the most iconic TV living rooms of all time...

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Carrie's apartment, Sex and the City

Carrie's apartment from Sex and the City with grey walls and floral sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

Carrie's apartment has seen a few transformations in its time but most special of all was that in the second Sex and the City movie. Her muted grey and beige living room was spruced up with a lick of cobalt paint and designer floral seats.

Downton Abbey

Downton's formal sitting room with high ceiling regal red furniture

(Image credit: TBC)

Downton's formal sitting room is one of a kind. Everything from the high ceilings to the regal red furniture and Colonial-inspired ornaments oozes opulence and wealth. Well, it is the Abbey after all.

Monica's apartment, Friends

Monica's apartment from Friends

(Image credit: TBC)

An iconic room line up wouldn't be the same without the most famous flat in the world - Monica's. The mismatched furniture and patchwork designs set between purple and blue walls could only work here, and we love it.

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Sherlock's apartment, Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock's apartment from Sherlock Holmes with gaudy wallpaper

(Image credit: TBC)

A living room with gaudy wallpaper and two large armchairs could be any old English living room, but add a few potion bottles, library of old books and a magnifying glass and you could be in no other than 221B Baker Street.

The apartment in New Girl

Living room from New Girl with L-shaped leather sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

 Relatively new to the block, New Girl's living room has already won itself a spot on out top iconic living rooms. We have laughed, cried and cheered with them whilst slumped on the L-shaped leather sofa in this giant loft space.

Ross' apartment, Friends

Ross' apartment from Friends with honey coated walls and smart leather furniture

(Image credit: TBC)

It wouldn't be right to include one flat without the other - Ross's flat is one of our favourites too. This pathology loving, fossil fanatic has a traditional vibe with chests, smart leather furniture and honey coated walls.

Home Farm, Emmerdale

Living room from Emmerdale with Gilded walls and giant stone fireplaces

(Image credit: TBC)

Gilded walls, giant stone fireplaces and mock-period furniture make Home Farm Emmerdale's own little Buckingham Palace, with far more drama and cricket bat swirling men, we assume.

Sheldon's apartment, Big Bang Theory

Sheldon's apartment from Big Bang Theory with cream walls and leather sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

As you would expect, a flat full of budding scientists and number-busting nerds is going to have a book or two lying about. Sheldon's flat is no exception with a wall full of manuals and an encore of miserable students and pizza boxes.

Dr. Frasier Crane's apartment, Frasier

Dr. Frasier Crane's apartment from Frasier with designer furniture and modern appliances

(Image credit: TBC)

This super sexy and super slick bachelor pad from the 90s is full of designer furniture and modern appliances and stunning views of the city but it wouldn't be the same without that infamous striped armchair.

Which one of these iconic TV living rooms is your favourite?


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