12 things we want from the new Ikea catalogue

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  • You can pick it up in store today

    Geeks have iPhone launch day, kids have Christmas and we have new Ikea catalogue day. And it has finally arrived. Oh, the joy!

    In fact, Ikea has been rolling out the catalogue to its UK stores throughout the week, so you should be able to pick up your copy now. We’d advise getting any important jobs done beforehand though. Because once you have those 328 pages of inspiration in your hands, there’s no telling when you’ll be able to pull yourself away. We fully expect to be clutching ours in our sleep tonight.

    The 2018 Ikea ‘book’, as mums always seem to want to call it, has a special focus on living rooms. You’ll find heaps of ideas on how to make this space a reflection of you and amenable to your daily routine. According to an Ikea spokesperson ‘Ikea is passionate about helping you create a space where you can let your personality shine and enjoy time with friends and family. That’s why this year’s catalogue displays different uses of the living room for different occasions.’

    Another thing you’ll notice is that Ikea has gone for a much moodier style of photography this year. There’s a big Japanese influence to both the styling and some of the designs, too. We’ve also been enjoying a game of ‘spot the birdy’, which you can play, too, as you check out our favourite buys, below.


    Glamour often comes at a price, but not in the case of this cutlery set. For a very reasonable £40 you get six forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons – and this brass colour will look just as fabulous with modern or traditional tableware. It’s all dishwasher safe, too.

    Buy Now: Tillagd 24-piece cutlery set, £40, Ikea


    With their easy curves and wood-and-recycled-plastic construction, these chairs are kind to both your bottom and the environment. Odger comes in brown, beige or blue. We’d suggest mixing all three for maximum impact.

    Buy Now: Odger chairs, £65 each, Ikea


    What else is there to say other than the Ideal Home team has just found its new tea tray?!

    Buy Now: Pristella tray, £5.25, Ikea

    Next, we have some on-trend updates for Ikea kitchens. Pinnarp is a pale-wood worktop made from particleboard topped with solid ash. Using less solid wood is better for the planet, and makes the worktop more resilient to water and moisture.

    Below you’ll spot new leather handles, available at a fraction of the price of designer versions.


    Buy now: Pinnarp worktop, £120, Ikea 

    Well, what else is your pet peacock supposed to stand on? But seriously, we love this graduated rug in shades of emerald green. It’s been handmade in India and Bangladesh, and is low-pile, so practical for families.

    Buy Now: Nodebo rug, £250, Ikea


    No it’s not the flamingo – much as we LOVE it. It’s the bargain sofa bed, made for impromptu sleepovers and ideal for any teen’s bedroom. You can convert it from sofa to bed in 30 seconds and it easily sleeps two.

    Buy now: Hammarn sofa bed, £95, Ikea


    Sticking with beds, the new Slakt series has been designed for 8-12 year olds, with a choice of different under-bed storage options. These boxes can be rolled out to serve as side tables or seats.

    Buy Now: Slakt bed frame, £80, Ikea

    Buy Now: Slakt storage box with castors, £45 each, Ikea


    How beautiful are these lamps? Reminiscent of the lanterns found in homes across South-east Asia, they give off a magical glow.

    Available soon: Majorna table lamp, £9, Ikea

    Available soon: Majorna floor lamp, £25, Ikea


    Looking for an easy style update? These palm-print cushion covers are made from the same top-grade fabric as sofas, armchairs and footstools in the range. Use them to dress up a plain sofa or choose furniture in the same pattern for bolder statement.

    Buy Now: Gillhov cushion covers, £13 each, Ikea

    Which of them will you be adding to one of Ikea’s iconic blue bags?

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