Is your (show) home Instagram-worthy?

Would you prefer if your house looked like a show home? A survey suggests that 62% of British homeowners do!

British homeowners are forgoing a lived-in home in a bid to style their house to look like a show home – all for an increased social media following and Instagram likes, according to new research.

A survey of 1,000 UK adults by Discount Flooring Depot has revealed that 62% of British homeowners would prefer their house to look like a show home rather than a homely home with creature comforts.


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

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The research found 74% of Brits confessed to sharing pictures of their own homes on social media, with 46% admitting the reason for this is to gain likes and comments on these kinds of platforms. Almost half (48%) of those surveyed said they display items in their home which are purely for display purposes.

The survey also quizzed respondents on items they have in their home for display purposes only. Here are the results:


Candle Wreath Instagram likes

Image credit: Polly Wreford

Candles (41%) were the item most likely to be placed in the home purely for display purposes.


basket-towels-show-home instagram likes

Image credit: Dan Duchars

Towels (38%) came in second in the list of home accessories which are displayed in the home and not to be used.


book-colour-show-home instagram likes

Image credit: Matt Antrobus

28% of amateur interior designers confess to displaying books that they have never read.

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Baked goods

baked-goods-home instagram likes

Image credit: Polly Eltes

A fifth (21%) of Brits place treats in the home such as cakes or sweets.


instagram likes

Image credit: Simon Scarboro

15% display glassware and crockery such as decanters and fine china around their home.

Toys and games

instagram likes toys-and-games

Image credit: Jeremy Phillips

Surprisingly, 5% of British homes even have children’s toys and games which are solely for display.

“We completely understand British homeowners want to keep their house presentable on a day to day basis but it’s also nice to enjoy the things we invest in for the home, especially things such as treats, toys and games.

“Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic for providing inspiration for interiors and we often encourage our customers to share images they like and the looks they would like to recreate in their own home,” says Paula Gray, designer at Discount Flooring Depot.

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The data also found that homeowners in Nottingham are the most house proud with 56% confessing to sharing picture of their home on social media, followed by Liverpool (48%) and Southampton (39%).

Is your home worthy of Instagram likes?

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