Celebrate International Cat Day with these cuddly pets at home

What better complement can there exist in home décor than a furry, feline beauty draped on your upholstery

Happy International Cat Day!

At Ideal Home, we love our pets. We have a delectable selection of tabbies, ginger toms, Bengal blues and Siamese cats to tantalise your interior fantasies.

Paw over our feline selection of possibly the most sleek and chic animals on the planet. The cat has evolved in nature to become the most popular of all household pets, even though they treat us humans as their man servants. Those sharp claws can do some major damage to our upholstery, but we remain slaves to their beauty!

We all know that it's what's inside our home that matters most, that's why we've dedicated an entire gallery to beautiful cats - full of personality and character - that make our living space truly feel like home.

Find them a cosy seat

armchair with cosy seat and cat

(Image credit: future PLC/Polly Eltes)

cat with cosy seat and flower on jug

(Image credit: future PLC/James Gardiner)

Curious as they may be, there is little that makes a cat actually get up from a warm cosy chair piled high with cushions and faux fur throws. This grey cutie doesn't look in any hurry. Remember, cats will often knead a throw to make themselves comfortable before they drift off, be sure it is not your favourite throw by buying them one that they can call their own.

Furnishings with fringing are always popular with cats as that they can hide behind it, using it as a form of camouflage. Choose feathered accessories like a cushion or lampshade, or a bird-print feature wall –every cat loves a bird theme.

Give them the best spot

bedroom with black cat on bed and dark wall

(Image credit: future PLC/Matt Cant)

bedroom with cat on bed and cosy blanket

(Image credit: future PLC/Rachael Smith)

There's more than enough room in this relaxing bedroom to swing a cat. And this gorgeous moggy one seems to have bedded down for the night. To avoid getting fur all over your favourite bedlinen, lay down a throw for your precious pet to rest on.

Let them call the shots

cat with accent chair and cosy seat with cushion

(Image credit: future PLC/Brett Charles)

Choose a sofa or chair that will allow plenty of room for your cat to stretch and relax on, or they may well prefer an arm of the sofa to perch on– or underneath if they are a scaredy-cat, and the vacuum cleaner is on.

How can you deny this face?

cat with cosy seat and cushion

(Image credit: future PLC/Alun Callender)

cat with cosy seat and drawers

(Image credit: future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Crisp white waffle-style bedlinen is a purrfect choice for cats to claw themselves onto. Any coat from ginger to grey will complement it perfectly, but if you have a white cat it may be better to go for an inky blue or grey floral print to make your pet's furry coat really stand out. If you don't want your pampered princess to sleep on your bed, consider giving her a chair right next to it. This way you'll still be able to see her pretty face come morning.

Perch on your window

cat on window with cushion

(Image credit: future PLC/Polly Eltes)

cat on window with curtain

(Image credit: future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Cats love the kitchen, particularly a nice windowsill to sit on and stare at the birds. They also appreciate under-floor heating, so get some fitted in your bathroom or kitchen and your pet will be happy to lie on a stone floor all day.

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How do you accommodate your feline friend? We'd love to see your cat pictures.

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