Fancy living in James Haskell and Chloe Madeley's house? It's on Airbnb during Rugby World Cup

What a win for fans!

While the Rugby World Cup 2019 takes place in Japan James Haskell and Chloe Madeley’s house will be listed on Airbnb, to give fans the unique opportunity to stay over.

The couple's house will be available to book for two nights, from 11th to 13th October – while the tournament is on.

Situated in the heart of the rolling Daventry countryside, the couple's home is a charming detached house, complete with captivating views of the surrounding rural landscape.

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We wanted to know more about what this famous house has to offer...

At home with James Haskell and Chloe Madeley

james haskell with exterior and brick wall

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You haven’t lived in the house long, what have you done to the property so far?

'We’ve lived here for three years, which has really flown by quickly! When we first moved in, we knew that it would make a great foundation to put our own touches to the house, and build up the interiors over time. Over the years we’ve now done our own modifications to it to make it exactly what we need for now – both Chloe and I lead busy lifestyles and so it has been a gradual process.'

'In the living room we wanted it to be a cosy space, so we added a really beautiful log fire – that Chloe and I can snuggle up on the sofa next to on cold winter evenings.'

What made you fall in love with the house?

'The house is a perfect countryside escape from day to day, but it’s also pretty easy to get to London for work related things. Situated in a little village in Northamptonshire countryside, it’s a really pretty area and a nice place to go to when you need to relax and chill after a busy day – this is really important to me and Chloe.'

'The house itself is a great size for the two of us, and is big enough to give us the flexibility of having friends and family over whenever we want. The style of the house is really charming with its country-chic sort of feel, but it still has a modern edge that keep it practical for us both.'

living room with carpet flooring and white ceiling with wooden boxes

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Which is your favourite room in the house?

'It definitely has to be the TV room. It’s the place that I can really kick-back and enjoy time with friends and family – which I especially appreciated after busy days. As well as playing, watching sports is of course something that is a real passion of mine so I like having a big TV for this.  I’m sure it will go down a treat with our Airbnb guests coming to visit during the World Cup too while I’m away in Japan!'

Is your favourite room where you spend most of your time?

'Yes, definitely! If I’m not in the office, I’m always doing my work in the living room. As well as using that space just to chill with Chloe and our friends.'

Did either of you argue about any items that were ‘allowed' in the house i.e Joey's porcelain dog in Friends?

There’s one thing… there’s this black leather sofa I had from my house in France that I wanted to bring over here to the UK. Chloe was adamant that was not coming through the door, and so we compromised on getting the big comfy cream sofas that we have now. I don’t blame her in fairness.

james haskell with carpet flooring and frame

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What features do you think will the wow Airbnb folks?

'I’m really excited to make this a unique experience for guests who won’t be in Japan this year for the World Cup. Of course, I will have all my rugby memorabilia and photos on the walls for guests to look at – these are all items that are really personal and sentimental to me, and so, I hope it will make the experience really special for those who are staying.'

Do you have any further big plans that you haven’t carried out yet?

'I’d love to kit out the downstairs living room into a mini cinema room. Chloe and I love watching films when it’s just the two of us. And so, it would be nice to make this room into more of a dedicated space and have a big projector to get a full film experience.'

kitchen room with granite worktop and flower jug with black chair

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How would you best describe your decorating style?

'I would say ‘shabby chic’. We’ve decorated the house to make it look nicely rustic, but still keeping it somewhat clean and modern. We wanted to bring to life the existing rural features of the house, whilst also putting our modern spin on it.'

'I think our decorating style is quite personal and reflective of our lives. Chloe and I have lots of photos on canvas dotted around the house, so that we can look at these amazing memories as we go about our time in the house – they’re pictures not only of the two of us, but also of our friends and family.'

conservatory with tv and wooden table with chairs

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Do you agree on your decorating decisions? Is there one room you particularly got involved with for the decor?

'Most of the time we do! Chloe loves decorating and I think she has a real natural flare for it and so I tend to let her take the lead most of the decorating decisions.'

'Saying that, when we were doing-up the conservatory for instance she really let me take the lead on that. Our house guests will notice that I’ve transformed it into my DJ studio. I love DJ’ing and have recently started doing more and more of it since I’ve retired. With its big windows overlooking the fields, it’s the perfect place to practice, and also great to host friends and family when they’re around – they love it!'

bedroom with frame on wall and pillows on bed with white door

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What's the best Airbnb you've ever stayed in?

'I love how with Airbnb it’s really easy to book a stay anywhere you want around the world, but funnily enough, my favourite stay recently was a little closer to home in London. Chloe and I stayed at this host’s place for a weekend away and they were just really friendly and made us feel so welcome.'

'The house itself was amazing and right in middle of central London, in a stunning mews. The experience felt very personal, but still really premium, which I think is a really important balance to hit.'

bathroom with wall tiles and wash basin with bathtub

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The listing is live now on Airbnb, bookable for the public from 23rd September. It's available to book for two nights, from 11th to 13th October.

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