It's Berry good: lemon curd sales soar as The Great British Bake Off's Mary Berry effect strikes again

Does your kitchen have a jar of the lemony stuff? It might do soon as, thanks to Mary Berry, UK sales are soaring

First we had Delia with her cranberries, then Nigella with her goose fat, now we've got Mary
Berry with her lemon curd.

Us Brits love a craze and no sooner have we seen a celebrity chef using a particular ingredient than we flock to the supermarkets to snap up some ourselves.

mary berry with pink coat and wearing necklace

(Image credit: REX)

Mary Berry was spotted using a jar of lemon curd on the
latest series of The Great British Bake Off and quicker than you could
say 'soggy bottom' the traditional spread saw its fortunes revived with
'surging sales'.

It's no secret that we love our cookery shows in the UK and each new wave of celebrity chefs seems to
have a reviving effect on the UK kitchen as they pick their favourite ingredients and the nation follows suit.

white lemon bowl with green plant and lemons

(Image credit: TBC)

A quick straw poll of the office revealed that over the past few years, Heston has introduced us to 'thrice baked chips' and 'snail porridge', while Jamie introduced us to the infamous 'turkey twizzler' (if only in his admirable campaign to rid the nation of it, we hasten to add).

However, Mary Berry is no flash in the pan, having enjoyed a 50-year-long career, so it seems fitting that the ingredient she has unwittingly revived is a traditional product that has been a quiet staple of kitchen cupboards for years.

yogurt with honey in glass jar and yellow plate

(Image credit: TBC)

The Grocer magazine first reported on the revived sales of the lemony spread and for those interested in sugary sales, honey is currently the best selling British spread, having pipped jam to the post for the first time. Peanut butter and chocolate spread are also on the up.

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