New Lidl plants encourage us to bring the great outdoors in

Create your own indoor oasis with the new Lidl plant range

Launching in stores from tomorrow, Thursday 19th April, the range of indoor plants and pots is set to be an instant sell-out. From on-trend copper and ceramic stone pots to thriving houseplants and blooming flowers, the new range is perfect for bringing the feel-good vibes of the outdoors in. As you'd expect from the discount supermarket, the whole range is available at unbeatable prices – everything is under £5 a pop!

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Having been crowned winner of the Fresh Flower Supermarket of the Year 2017, at the Retail Industry Awards, Lidl UK is leading the way with its green-fingered successes.

Available in a variety of bright colours, in Lidl Gerbera plants are great value at just £2.29 or 2 for £4

The range consists of potted gerbera plants that instantly add a hit of vibrant colour with large daisy-like flowers, ideal for cheering up our homes. Indoor gerbera plants thrive best near windows, due to the light. Give your colourful plant a tasteful home with one of the Lidl Ceramic plant pots for just £3.99!

To recreate a meadow garden feel choose tall houseplants to add scale. Lidl’s plant range includes dracaena, ficus and many more taller varieties, priced at £4.99.

To create a contemporary feel, choose from a selection of on-trend ferns, succulents or peace lilies. All priced at just £3.99 each. To accentuate the lush greens, pop these houseplants in the stylish range of copper pots, from just £3.99 each.

How to look after your houseplants

Victoria Weir, Flower Buyer at Lidl, has five top tips...

1. Water

Houseplants like to be watered twice a week, so make sure you tend to them regularly and don’t leave them thirsty

2. Shed some light

The best kind of light for indoor plants is partial light with some shadow. You can keep an eye on the colour of the plant’s leaves to make sure it is getting the right amount. You’ll soon know if you need to move it

3. Fertilize

Green plants should be fertilised moderately, twice a month. In the winter even more sparingly, as they will be in their ‘rest’ period

4. Repot in time

The best time to repot a houseplant is now – the beginning of spring. If you have just brought it home give it a couple of weeks to adjust to its new environment and then go for it!

5. Give them space to grow

As plants grow and get bigger it’s best to find them a larger pot with more room for their roots.

Lidl's Peace Lilly is just £3.99

Houseplants are the multitasking must-have for homes this summer!  In addition to adding a splash of colour, indoor plants are believed to add multiple psychological and physiological benefits.  Plants can improve moods and lower stress levels. They also act as natural purifiers, improving air quality.

Lidl’s Indoor Plants and Ceramic Pot Range is available tomorrow, until stocks last.


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