Popular Instagram Lily Pad tile is now available in a cheaper option!

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  • Due to huge demand there's now a more affordable porcelain tile in the same design

    Love for the Lily Pad tile on Instagram has made it the most in-demand tile of 2018! The original design is made in a handmade artisan encaustic cement tile. This is the creme de la creme of tiles, but can be a costly option.

    Due to popularity and demand Ca’Pietra has just launched a cheaper porcelain tile of the same design. This new more affordable option helps everyone, on all budgets, get the look.

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    New porcelain Lily Pad tiles

    Lily pad tile

    Image credit: Ca’Pietra Lily Pad tile in Peacock

    ‘When we first introduced Lily Pad it was made as an encaustic cement tile,’ explains Ca’Pietra Creative Director, Hamish Smith. ‘ We love this artisanal way of making tiles but we realise that encaustic cement tiles are not for everyone – they require some TLC. So we invested in the patented design to make Lily Pad available in a porcelain tile too.

    So how is porcelain different to encaustic cement?

    ‘As they are man-made, porcelain tiles need little maintenance. They don’t require sealing or the level of maintenance that cement does. A quick clean should have the porcelain tiles looking as good as the day they were installed. These new tiles are also thinner, making them ideal for wall instalments’

    Not to mention they are cheaper. The original encaustic cement tiles are £3.96 per tile, while the same design in porcelain tiles are just £2.30 per tile.

    Lily Pad tile

    Image credit: Ca’Pietra Lily Pad tiles in Pistachio

    This statement tile design has gone into overdrive in the popularity stakes on Instagram, courtesy of @thefrugality.

    Stylist, influencer and all-round trend-setter Alex Stedman is the face behind The Frugality, a leading lifestyle blog. Alex candidly shares snaps of her home renovations via Instagram. Her bathroom snaps have put the Lily Pad tile design firmly in the spotlight.

    This shot of Alex’s bathroom has already generated 9,417 likes. The blue tiles in the fabulously stylish en-suite bathroom, are perfectly enhanced by brass fixtures and fittings.

    The popular Lily Pad tile demonstrates how even the most stylised pattern can still feel bespoke. You can can choose to lay the tiles in a uniform ‘star burst’ pattern, just as Alex has done (above).

    Lily Pad tile

    Image credit: Ca’Pietra Lily pad tiles in Off Black

    Or you could shake things up by mixing the pattern formula to create a more random look, as seen above. The world is your oyster with this statement design.

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    Where and how would you use the Lily Pad tile in your home?

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