Inside Liz Earle’s stunning country pile in the West Country

We're only a teeny bit jealous!

Wellbeing guru Liz Earle is best known for her eponymous beauty brand of the same name. And when it comes to the one of the places she calls home – a 350-acre sustainable organic farm in the West Country – it will come as no surprise that it reflects the author and speaker's love of all things nature.

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Let's take a peek behind the hedgerows and find out whether her interiors invite a sense of inner peace.

woman sitting on bench garden

(Image credit: Fred Duval / Contributor/Getty Images)

She has a fabulous way with florals

Nothing pretties up a plain wooden dining table quite like a few vases of fresh flowers. The staggered height of the trio of vases is a nice touch, and the centre display seems to perfectly match the floral design of the curtains in the background.

She's a fan of creative canopies

Shade and style – this covered floral walkway ticks both of these boxes. We can't think of a more serene way to take a walk up to this rustic country home.

She knows how to make an entrance

A blue-green front door with tall potted topiary on either side is a classic winning combination when it comes to a country-style entranceway. We're also fans of the contrast between the slatted door on the bottom half and the boxed window on the top half.

She's a fan of upcycling

We can't get enough of this unique garden bench made up of a log and some disused dining table backs. Definitely something that will leave guests impressed.

She's made the kitchen the real heart of her home

Hanging herbs using sturdy string from what looks like meat hooks is a genius idea. A metal rail below is also the perfect place for Liz's collection of pots and pans.

She knows just what it takes to create a relaxing environ

Period-style panelling on the bathroom wall helps to draw walls in and create a cosy ambience. Add in a healthy smattering of lit pillar candles and some heritage chrome bath taps and you've got the perfect ingredients for a style-conscious soak.

She makes the fireplace her focal point

What could be more calm-inducing than spending an evening in front of a roaring fire – and what looks like an original one at that – complete with an ornate metal grate? The burnt orange ottoman doubles up as the perfect place to put your feet up.