Check out Loaf’s gorgeous children’s furniture

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  • We’ve long loved Loaf for its fun and stylish furniture – and now the new Little Loafers range means you can create an equally cool look for your kids

    Fun, laid-back and super stylish are just some of the words we would use to describe Loaf’s fabulous furniture. And the range for kids is no exception. The brilliant new Little Loafers collection features nearly 100 adventure-themed designs, all handcrafted from lovely natural materials. From beds to cushions and storage to lights, the range is suitable for all ages over three and is absolutely stamped with Loaf’s signature friendliness and sense of humour. What’s more, the pieces hold plenty of appeal for teenagers, too.

    Young campers will love a bed that they can clamber on, and the Clamberdoodle bed (above), £1.195, offers just such an opportunity. With secret hidey holes for favourite toys and a blackboard for doodling, it’s sure to be a winner.

    Equally great, but slightly more sedate is the Mazeballs bed (below), £625, which not only looks fantastic, but includes storage baskets woven from recycled magazines. Offering a child plenty of scope for tidying must be every parent’s dream.

    This cool Hutch headboard, £225, will add some wow factor to a standard bed, and the nifty little shelves mean there’s no need for a bedside table!

    But it’s not all about beds. Loads of other great pieces are available in the range, such as this Togs chest of drawers, £395.


    On a more grown-up note, teens and tweens will love this Big Madame wardrobe, £595.

    And then there’s the storage, which looks so cool that little ones are sure to see tidying as yet another game to play. Triplet bookcase and storage unit, £165.

    The Puzzler shelves, £265, are worth a look, too.

    Last, but definitely not least are the accessories. The cushions are seriously cute. Check out the Bernie design, from £45.

    And little ones will be thrilled by the fun-loving Mabel the bear animal head, £65.

    Thimble stools, £125 each, are available in five colours and will add a decorative touch.

    Similarly colourful are the Gaston lamps, £55, which come in pink, green, blue, white, black and brass.

    This is just a selection of the pieces available in the Little Loafers range. With everything from furniture to cushions, you’re sure to find something to jazz up a kid’s bedroom. And if you’ve been craving a cool interior for your little one, we think you’ll be thrilled.

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