Do you live in one of the most loving regions in the UK?

Bloom & Wild are celebrating the month of love this Valentine’s Day by unveiling the most loving regions in the UK, with Northern Ireland coming out on top

It’s the month of love, complete with Valentine’s flowers, cards of adoration and romantic dinners for two. We are a country that loves to celebrate love, and the UK has developed a love affair with the rituals of Valentine’s Day.

While 93% of people in the UK believe themselves to be loving, and while the UK on the whole enjoys celebrating the festivities of Valentine’s Day, some regions are certainly more loving than others. So what is the most loving region in the UK?

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According to research from flower experts Bloom & Wild, Northern Ireland topped the list as the most loving region in the UK, while Scotland was revealed to be the least loving of all the 12 regions. It seems that the Scots have the hardest time expressing their love, they are the least likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with almost a quarter preferring not to celebrate at all, and they have little desire to spend more time with their loved ones compared to other regions.

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Often named the friendliest people in the UK, Northern Irelanders say ‘I love you’ to their partners more than any other region in the UK (almost 50% tell their partner they love them multiple times every day), and more than half of people in Northern Ireland have given a Valentine's gift such as flowers or a card to a friend or family member, just to show they care! And Northern Ireland is also the region of the ‘secret romantic’ with 66% of Northern Irelanders having sent a secret Valentine's Day card to someone not expecting it.

The South East came out as the second most loving region, with 90% of people here saying that they enjoying expressing love. Wales was revealed to be the third most loving region, with 57% of people saying ‘I love you’ at least once a day.

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On a national level, men are more likely to have sent a secret Valentine’s card than women, while in general women prefer expressing love more than their male partners do. When it comes to how people prefer to express their love though, the battle of the sexes results in a tie break, with both men and women agreeing that they prefer to show their love physically, rather than through verbal or material declarations.

So where do you fall on the list? Are you living in a ‘loving’ region? Wherever you are based, it’s never been more simple to show a loved one you care on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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