Lynsey Queen of Clean reveals her tip to get your oven sparkling with store cupboard ingredients

That's one less manic dash to the shops

Unfortunately, visits to our favourite pub for a quick dinner are likely to become non-existent in the coming weeks. Your oven is about to get a lot of action. Luckily Lynsey Queen of Clean natural oven cleaning tip will keep it in shipshape condition.

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After witnessing the bare shelves in our local supermarket, we'll currently do anything to avoid a trip to the shops. However, Lynsey top tip shows you how to get your oven sparkling with store cupboard ingredients.

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Lynsey Queen of Clean is a champion of natural cleaning methods. If you can use a lemon or bicarbonate of soda to clean something, she will.

Lynsey Queen of Clean natural oven cleaning tip

Posting on Instagram as part of her 'cleaning tip Tuesday' series, Lynsey showed her 179k followers how to get a pristine oven in just three steps.

'Ovens are perfect for making delicious meals but can be neglected,' she writes in the caption. 'Here is my very simple three-step natural process.'

'To de-grease and clean your oven make it wet and then cover the whole oven with bicarbonate of soda,' she explains, demonstrating the step on the post.

'Secondly, grab a spray bottle add just white wine vinegar and then spray the bicarb,' she continues. 'Close the door and leave an hour.'

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During this time if you peer through the oven door you should see it foaming away like in the cleaning guru's second image.

'After a simple rinse, your oven will be gleaming without the need for chemicals. If your glass door pops out even better!' she adds.

If you don't have any bicarbonate of soda or white vinegar at home, it might be worth investing. These two store cupboard items are a cheap and effective way of keeping your home clean. They can be used to clean sinks, shower heads, countertops and even mattresses.

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However, during this time remember to follow the two-step routine of cleaning, followed by disinfecting on any high touch surfaces.

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