Lynsey Queen of Clean reveals the surprising beauty product that works wonders on carpet stains

And it only costs 70p!

At this time of year our carpets can take a battering from muddy kid's shoes and fake tan stains. Luckily, on This Morning, Lynsey 'Queen of Clean' revealed her surprising shaving foam stain removal hack to banish those summer carpet stains for good.

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The cleaning guru explained that you don't need to fork out on an expensive stain remover to get your carpet's clean again. Instead, the cleaning guru revealed that her favourite stain remover is actually a bathroom cupboard staple – shaving foam.

Lynsey has previously posted about the surprising stain remover as part of her Instagram Tuesday tips.

'Shaving cream is simply a form of whipped soap. When applied it lathers up, penetrating and adding moisture to just about any stain,' she explained on Instagram.

'Just use warm water and a small soft brush or cloth and very gently rub into the stain, leave for 10 minutes then rinse away and pat dry.'

On This Morning she explained to Eamon and Ruth that you need to make sure you use the correct type of foam. 'Don't buy shaving gel because thats blue, you want the white foam,' she clarifies.

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Lynsey's shaving foam of choice is Tesco Essentials Shaving Foam which costs just 70p. The cleaning expert explained that it will work on dog-related stains, muddy footprints and even fake tan stains.

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However, she added disclaimer not to use it on red-wine stains.

'Shaving foam and red-wine do not mix, trust me I've tried it,' she explains.

If you do have a red wine stain, Lynsey recommends trying the Dr Beckman carpet stain remover.

'This is the Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover it comes with a brush head so as you're tipping the product down and scrubbing it into the carpet you're actually removing the stain. It also smells really nice,' says Lynsey.

The Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover has become a must-have for cleaning fans, even Mrs Hinch is a fan. The best selling product promises to remove red wine, make-up and dirt. It is priced at £5.77 for a 650 ml bottle.

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While both these products are Lynsey approved, make sure you avoid any further carpet stain disasters by doing a spot test first.

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Will you be trying the shaving foam hack at home?


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