5 clever ways to maximise storage in your loft

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Thanks to Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, we’re all looking to make our homes as clutter-free and well-organised as possible. That means finding somewhere safe to store all those belongings that you don’t use on a regular basis but can’t part with, whether that’s suitcases, Christmas decorations or old school books.

Luckily, the solution lies closer than you think – all you need to do is maximise storage space in your loft. Loft Leg offers a host of products that will help you transform your loft space into a bright, safe, organised and energy efficient storage space. Take a look at these 5 clever ways to maximise storage in your loft and watch our video guide for more info.

Ways to maximise your loft's storage potential

1. Create a secure platform

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Chances are your loft storage is currently layers of insulation with belongings perched on joists or balanced in the middle of the insulation itself. Loft Leg and Loft Leg XL allow you to create a unique, secure, raised platform to store your items on without compromising on insulation levels. Both products are easy for a DIY-er to install, by simply screwing them onto joists and topping with loft boards, or you can use a qualified fitter, if you prefer.

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So why would you want to raise your storage area above the insulation? Well, squashing insulation can reduce its efficiency by up to 50%, meaning more heat will escape from your home and your energy bills will be higher. By using the standard or XL versions of Loft Leg, your insulation remains intact and energy efficient, with a safe, secure storage platform above.

2. Use wasted space

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Most lofts have sloped sections of roof with little head height, but these can be transformed into useful storage space with the help of Loft Ledge. This product is attached between the trusses to create easily accessible shelves that give you the maximum storage space.Both Loft Ledge and Loft Legs are flexible solutions that will fit every loft space, no matter how big or small.

3. Protect your bulbs

If you have spotlights in the rooms beneath your loft, then you might not realise that you need to protect the backs of the lights from dust and keep them well away from your insulation. Step forward Loft Lids, which are like small buckets fixed over the back of the spotlights and secured down to keep the bulb and wires protected.

4. Illuminate the space

Once you’ve created all of this extra storage space in your loft, you’ll want to be able to access it easily, which means lighting the area. If you don’t have an electricity supply to your loft, then you really need Loft Light.

This smart light instantly illuminates your loft without wiring with an ultra-bright, battery powered LED light equivalent to a 32Watt bulb. If you do have an electricity supply then a Loft Bulb with 3 adjustable LED panels will give you 4000 lumens of light, equivalent to 6 x 40W bulbs, to fully illuminate even the largest of lofts .

5. Use smarter storage

Once you have your improved loft storage and lighting in place, it’s time to move your belongings into their new home. Follow in the footsteps of The Home Edit and Marie Kondo with storage boxes with lids that will keep items clean and can be labelled up to leave you feeling super organised.

Store items that you’ll need the most frequently, such as suitcases, closest to the loft hatch, and those that you rarely need – like those school books you can’t bear to throw away – at the rear. A few festive stickers, or even a piece of tinsel, stuck to the outside of your Christmas decorations will make them easier to spot when the festive season arrives.