Creative mum makes Harry Potter furniture by collaging pages from the book

It's a magical creation!

makeover of chest drawers with newspapers
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An imaginative mum has taken her love of Harry Potter to a new level, by transforming her home furniture to pay homage to JK Rowling’s beloved books. Kylie Lyons, a mum-of-two from Darlington, gave her walls and furniture a DIY makeover by collaging pages from a Harry Potter book. The bedroom door was a starting point for Kylie, but she soon progressed onto one of her walls, before finishing up with a large chest of drawers.

But it seems her creative homeware hack not only looks great, it’s also incredibly affordable, too. Kylie has also revealed that she picked up the book in question from a car boot sale - for just £1!

Anyone looking to recreate the look for themselves will need just three other tools: PVA glue, varnish and a brush (in addition to the pages from the book, of course).

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makeover of dresser with harry potter collaging book pages

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Kylie told money-saving community, 'Honestly, it's really easy. All you need is the item you want to Potter-fy, PVA glue, a paintbrush or just a normal sponge, and varnish to seal it.'

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In terms of the process behind the look, Kylie says, 'Put a thin layer of PVA on the item, place the page how you want it, then just go over the page with some more PVA. Don’t worry if it bubbles - just get as many as you can out and the rest will go as the paper dries. Once it's dried, just go over that with a layer or two of varnish with either a brush or a sponge.'

The good news is that the finished look doesn’t break the bank either, as Kylie spent less than £30 on her innovative project.

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She says, 'The new handles in total cost me £24 from B&Q - they are all pewter effect, which I think goes well with the Harry Potter theme. The PVA glue was £3.99 from B&M and I already have a massive tin of varnish that I use.'

As for the inspiration behind the bold new design? Kylie says she noticed other people had been getting creative with wallpaper and thought about how she could put her own spin on it.

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She adds, 'I had seen people use them for different crafts and I wanted to make my own. That's when I saw some wallpaper that had a similar pattern on it and thought I could use one of the books to make my own effect.'

We think it looks incredible and a great budget-friendly way to add interest to a room!