Live on Necker Island – and get PAID! Richard Branson is offering a dream job…

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  • *Runs off to polish up CV*

    Looking to escape the snow and ice and find a new home in a tropical paradise? Well, here’s a fabulous opportunity.

    Sir Richard Branson is looking to hire a new PA at Virgin, and the successful candidate will get to live on the exclusive Necker Island.

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    Image credit: Virgin Limited Edition

    Located within the British Virgin Islands in the western Caribbean, Necker is a private island that’s been owned by Branson since 1979. He bought it for a measly $120,000, though Sir Richard has since spent millions developing it into the paradise that it is today.

    There are four properties on the island, allowing 40 people to stay at one time. ‘Any more than that I think would spoil it,’ says Sir Richard.

    The newest construction is The Great House, which has just been rebuilt, having been destroyed in a hurricane in 2011. You might remember the news reports about Kate Winslet rescuing Richard’s 88-year-old mother from the burning building.

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    Image credit: Virgin Limited Edition

    These days, Necker is the perfect place to relax, but it isn’t solely about beaches and sunshine. Sir Richard is a keen conservationist and is reintroducing species that used to exist on the British Virgin Islands. We’re talking flamingos, lemurs and giant tortoises.


    Image credit: Virgin Limited Edition

    The dream role is actually two. ‘Necker Island’s General Manager Keny Jones is looking for a new PA to combine with Richard Branson’s office, who are looking for a new admin assistant’ says the job description.

    Your duties would include ‘diary and email management, general correspondence, filing and archiving, booking travel and providing cover for Richard’s PA when they’re on holiday,’ so you’d definitely have your hands full.


    Image credit: Virgin Limited Edition

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    To apply, you’ll need to film a video of yourself. Let Richard’s team know why you want the job, why you have the unique skills for the role and give them an interesting fact about yourself. Make it no more than two minutes long and send it with a copy of your CV to

    Unfortunately, you don’t have much time – applications need to be in by March 10th 2018 at the latest.

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