Sleep talkin' Brits: new survey reveals what happens once the lights go out (clue – turns out a good night’s sleep is the last thing on our minds!)

As a nation, we’re so busy chatting, snoring, sleepwalking and raiding the fridge during our sleep, that it’s a wonder we get any kip at all…

As a nation it seems that we're busy bees once the lights go out. Far from making the most of eight hours sleep to rest and recuperate, it turns out that a good night's sleep for many of us can include a little chatter and a quick raid of the fridge.

According to a new survey of over 2,000 people by bed manufacturer Silentnight, over half of us (55%) have been woken by our partner sleep talking, a quarter (26%) from laughing, and one in 10 from sleepwalking.

It gets better. One in 16 say their partner has tried to kiss them while dreaming, a similar number have seen their other half raid the fridge, and some - wait for it - have even watched their partner go into a public environment naked (picture THAT).

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And if all this night-time activity means you're not getting enough sleep, you won't be surprised to hear that a lack of sleep has led some of us to fall asleep in unusual places.

A sixth have fallen asleep on public transport, one in 10 in the bath and one in 20 have drifted off... in a bar or nightclub. Men are more likely to fall asleep in strange places (71%), compared to just 45% of women. Phew.

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Over a quarter of women feel so sleep deprived that they'd be happy to give up chocolate for some more rest.

'While the study reveals some of our more quirky bedtime habits, it's clear that, as a nation, there are many factors that are keeping us awake at night,' says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep therapist at Capio Nightingale Hospital.

'This is why I've joined forces with Silentnight to launch its first online Sleep Clinic, where you can find out about simple techniques to get a great night's sleep every night.'

We might just take a look. Anything to avoid one of these curious night-time incidents...