Living at a unlucky number 13 house could cost you thousands – but are things about to change?

Superstitious folk, stay calm. The next Friday 13th isn't until December, but for those who live at number 13, you have much less reason to be thankful

Not everyone wants to call number 13 home – and the statistics certainly reveal why. The unlucky digit accounted for just 1.1 per cent of existing property sales in 2016. While for new build sales the number was even less (0.8 per cent). New research from Stone Real Estates also shows the impact of living at number 13 has traditionally spread to homeowner's wallets.

Existing number 13 homes on average sold for £22,006 less than other properties three years ago. To top it off, new build homes sold for 2 per cent less than new builds with other numbers.

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Number 13 is met with suspicion worldwide, but for homes in the UK, these houses are particularly tarnished. It's even seen builders remove the number for new developments, and replace it with a 12A, or miss it out completely.

But is our mistrust of 13 about to be turned on its head?

'Tide is starting to turn'

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But Is this bad luck for new build 13's running out? Stats show that in the last 12 months, sales for new homes numbered 13 declined just 0.4 per cent less than houses with other numbers.

Compared to existing stock, which is selling for 8 per cent (-£22,468) less, experts believe the tide may be turning for new builds.

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'In this day and age, it’s quite remarkable how ancient superstitions can still have such a detrimental impact on the price a property will sell for,' explains Michael Stone, founder and CEO of Stone Real Estate.

'However, there are signs that this tide is starting to turn within the new build sector at least, and so far this year, the number 13 seems to be in vogue with slightly higher sold prices,' continues Stone.

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This year may be the year that number 13 is on trend for house buyers. In 2019 alone, new-build homes with the number 13 have sold for 0.2 per cent MORE than those with different numbers.

But it’s yet more bad news for those with an existing build. This year, number 13 properties are again selling for 8 per cent less, wiping £21,908 off their property’s value.