Most expensive streets in Britain – do you live on or near one?!

On the most expensive road in Britain, the average property price is more than £35 million

It’s no real surprise that the most expensive street in Britain is a road that is home to royalty. That’s right, London’s Kensington Palace Gardens, home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, has been named Britain’s priciest address.

This is according to a new study by property website Zoopla. The average property price on this royal road is a jaw-dropping £35.7 million. Believe it or not this value has actually decreased since last year, down more than £2 million from an even heftier £38.2 million.

This prestigious address is home to a selection of Britain’s wealthiest homeowners, including Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich.

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Coming in second on the list of priciest streets is London’s Grosvenor Crescent, where the average property is valued at £22 million. This is followed by The Boltons in Chelsea, with an average property value of £19.9 million.

Britain's most expensive streets

Property on Courtenay Avenue, London, worth £16.5 million. Image credit: Zoopla

These are the ten most expensive streets in the UK (and unsurprisingly they’re all in London):

1. Kensington Palace Gardens, London – £35.7 million
2. Grosvenor Crescent, London – £22 million
3. The Boltons, London – £19.9 million
4. Courtenay Avenue, London – £19 million
5. Ilchester Place, London – £15.3 million
6. Compton Avenue, London – £13.7 million
7. Manresa Road, London – £12.6 million
8. Cottesmore Gardens, London – £12 million
9. Albemarle Street, London – £11.4 million
10. Chester Square, London – £10.6 million

Outside of London, Wentworth Drive in Virginia Water, Surrey, is the nation’s most expensive street, with an average property value of £6.2 million.

Britain's most expensive streets

Property on Wentworth Drive, Virginia Water, worth £10.95 million. Image credit: Rightmove

There are now 14,417 streets in Britain where the average property value is £1 million or over. This has increased from 12,418 in 2016, which means that there are 1,999 new Millionaire’s Rows this year.

The North-South divide is extremely prominent in this study. An enormous 94.2 per cent of streets with an average property price of £1 million and above are located in Southern England. Almost 41 per cent are located in Greater London, and just under 37 per cent are in the South East of England.

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Here’s a regional breakdown of the number of streets with an average value of £1 million or more:

1. Greater London – 5,899
2. South East England – 5,278
3. East of England – 1,875
4. South West England – 532
5. North West England – 301
6. West Midlands – 194
7. Scotland – 109
8. East Midlands – 96
9. Yorkshire and The Humber – 77
10. North East England – 45
11. Wales – 11

So if you’re looking for an affordable home, your best bet is to head for the Welsh valleys!

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