Never get out of bed again with the amazing Oki-gotatsu

Not that we needed an excuse to stay in bed all day, but Japan has created one for us anyway

Imagine grizzly and grey English Sundays spent in bed - all day.

Unfortunately, this is rarely feasible with family demands and weekend chores pulling you from you cosy cocoon, however, we think Japan may have just solved the problem...

living room with wooden flooring and oki gotatsu

(Image credit: TBC)

No, it's not a robot to do you weekend washing, nor is it a dog who can cook (though we feel it's only time with Japan) but it's a kotatsus: a traditional table fitted with a thick, insulating blanket and space-heater to keep your toes toasty when gathered around the family table.

Many Japanese apartments don't have central heating throughout the home, so inventors established the kotatsus to solve the winter chill when family gather around the table to play games, eat and socialise.

Retailer Belle Maison have upped the ante this winter though, creating a modern version - the oki-gotatsu.

living room with kotatsus table and mattress come sofa base set

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The new kotatsus table, still equipped with blanket and heater, sit on top of a blanket-come-mattress-come-sofa base - basically the best den you could ever imagine.

You can now sleep, socialise and eat all from the same spot - what could be better than that?

Starting from just £80, the triple-serving space comes in a variety of shades and soft cottons with tables varying in material and shape to suit the size of your family.

So, man your blanket fort this winter and refuse to leave, unless it's about grabbing essential snacks, and do lazy Sundays Japanese style - with all the family around the toasty table.

room with kotatsus table and mattress come sofa base set

(Image credit: TBC)

Oki-gotatsus available online from Belle Maison in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your family space.


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