Revealed: we spend £227 a year on THIS to help improve our homes

Could this investment lighten the mood of our homes?

What simple home improvement could instantly uplift the mood in your home? The answer is outdoor lighting.

Simple but so effective for making the most of our outdoor spaces and generally lighten the mood (pun intended!)

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A new survey, carried out by LED Hut, as part of the Brighter Britain report found that we spend an average of £227 a year on outdoor lighting.

The survey of 1,000 UK adults found more than 1 in 4  invest more on outdoor lighting to extend the enjoyment of their outdoor spaces.

outdoor lighting with led bulbs infront of sliding window

(Image credit: David Pennington/LED Hut)

34 per cent believe outdoor lighting is key to spending more time outdoors, even during the darker months. No matter the season, garden illuminations make the space more usable once the sun goes down.

'Given that the UK uses daylight savings to maximise daylight, it is understandable that we are more likely to invest in items for our garden in winter than summer to keep it light,' says Paul Garner, ecommerce & marketing director at LED Hut. 'That said, it is still surprising to see exactly how much people are willing to spend.'

'Lighting really does light up our lives in a number of different ways. The research clearly showing how much of an impact time outdoors has on overall well-being. Britons should look to utilise their outdoor space wisely with a range of seasonal lighting and heating.'

wall mounted lantern lights on white wall with bicycle

(Image credit: Nick Pope)

According to the research being able to use our gardens all year round, rather than only during the summer months, is highly beneficial for our well-being. It doesn’t just boost our mood, it can have a great impact on our social skills.

More than 1 in 6 (18 per cent) said they would spend more quality time together.  Gathering friends and family would be easier if they had a comfortable outside space, in which to use during colder months.

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Will you be investing more on your outdoor lighting now? Or perhaps you're already switched on when it comes to this simple home improvement.


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