Would you PAY your partner to do a job around the house?

The number of people that admit to doing so will shock you!

You'll be hard pushed to find someone that loves housework, but the fact remains it needs to be done. However, it seems some are going to surprising lengths to finish those chores. A new survey by MyJobQuote.co.uk reveals that British women have resorted to paying their partner to do a job around the house. And a surprisingly large number, at that!

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In fact, 28 per cent – more than a quarter – were prepared to part with cash for the work to be done. Would you pay your other half to do a job for you? We're not so sure.

When asked what sort of jobs they had paid their partners to do, the top answer was housework with 52 per cent of the vote. Next came painting and decorating with 24 per cent, and landscape gardening with 18 per cent. Plumbing scored 9 per cent.

Of course, it makes sense to ask your partner to do the work if they are a tradesperson skilled in the relevant area. So of the respondents whose partners had some sort of 'handy' job, 75 per cent said they'd expect big jobs to be done for free. That still leaves a generous 25 per cent happy to pay.

Would we rather pay a professional?

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The poll gets really interesting when those surveyed were asked if they'd rather ask their other half or a professional to do the job. The overwhelming majority – 68 per cent – said they'd prefer to pay a pro. When asked why, 39 per cent stated that 'it would cause an argument if my partner did the job'. And a brave 20 per cent admitted 'I want the job done properly'. An unselfish 13 per cent didn't want to take up their partner's free time. And a sensible 11 per cent wanted to 'be insured in case something goes wrong'. Finally, 8 per cent were worried their partner would make them help!

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'There has been a lot of debate recently about whether tradesman should charge their spouse for their services,' says My Job Quote's Lisa Evans. 'So the fact that many women have paid their partners is surprising. It's a bit different if you live separately from your other half. But something doesn't feel right about charging your partner for work that you’re carrying out in your joint home! I can’t quite believe it goes on to be honest!'

What do you think? Would you be happy to pay?

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