Households across the UK reveal how they've achieved the perfect home

The 10 things households did to achieve their perfect home

We all dream of our perfect home. Unfortunately, not many of us would call our homes perfect.

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Research commissioned by glass specialist, Pilkington United Kingdom found that less than four in 10 Brits consider their home to be 'perfect.' And are most likely to be satisfied with their property by the age of 43.

A poll of 2,000 adults found that households spend an estimated £26,000 on renovations to achieve the ‘perfect’ home after moving in. With millions splashing the cash to bring in more natural light.

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Renovating the kitchen had the biggest impact on achieving the perfect place (42 per cent). Followed by a living room makeover (32 per cent) and a new bathroom (26 per cent).

Other changes people made to get their home just as they wanted it were re-tiling the bathroom (39 per cent), installing new windows (37 per cent) and replacing the front door (40 per cent). A further 34 per cent landscaped the garden. Of those who have their perfect home, 48 per cent said they will never move again.

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Top 10 things homeowners did to achieve their perfect home

  1. Re-painted interior rooms
  2. Installed a new bathroom
  3. A new front door
  4. Re-tiled the bathroom
  5. Got rid of old wallpaper
  6. Changed the lighting
  7. Installed new windows
  8. Installed double glazed windows
  9. Landscaped garden
  10. A new heating system

The research also found more than a quarter replaced all the interior doors to improve their abode and make homes feel lighter and more open plan. While a fifth extended the property and 14 per cent added a conservatory or orangery ideas.

When it comes to what makes the perfect home, two thirds (66 per cent) said that it is ‘very important’ to have lots of natural light. As a result, 12 per cent even installed additional windows, while 35 per cent added double glazing.

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'The research proves it’s all of the little changes which make a big difference to a property,' says Julia Berkin, from Pilkington United Kingdom

'Why move when you can improve? It’s clearly worth the patience, the outgoings and even the disagreements to live in your dream home as a result.

'The list of things people did to their properties in order to achieve the perfect place vary from decorating and extending to letting more light in by adding windows and opening up rooms.

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'It’s interesting to see how people are adapting their homes, especially given the amount of time we’re spending in them currently while they double up as workspaces.'

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