How to make your home look pretty – 7 small changes that anyone can do

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  • Need to give your home a refresh? Here's a few simple ways to beautify your home

    Is your home looking a little tired/messy/scruffy? Feel like you need a few easy tricks to make your home look pretty and welcoming? We’ve got a few tried and tested tips for sprucing up your pad without draining your wallet. Make these small changes to make your home look pretty!

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    1. Declutter

    Kitchen-worktop-clear-clutter home look pretty

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    This is a simple, but good option. From sorting out clutter on the kitchen worktops to making sure all the kids toys are stored away in the cupboard, this is an easy, cost-free way of ensuring your home looks good.

    2. Embrace scented candles


    Image credit: Colin Poole

    There are many reasons to love these fragrant accessories. For a start they look good on any shelf or mantelpiece, but also they give your home a wonderful scent which makes it feel inviting, appealing and cosy.

    3. Re-style your coffee table


    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    If your coffee table is currently full of mountains of paperwork, think about re-styling it. Pick a pile of arty hardback books and display on the table, or use a round tray and fill with candles, trinkets and small flower-filled vases..

    4. Display items in threes

    As soon as you start displaying items in a group of three they begin to look like an edited selection of items that have been carefully curated. Trust us this simple style trick is a winner

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    5. Plump up your cushions


    Image credit: Simon Bevan

    Whether it’s on your bed or your sofa, plumping up your cushions will make the world of difference. Everything will look fresh, pretty and stylish.

    6. Hang fairy lights


    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Give your home a romantic feel with a selection of fairy lights. Hang twinkle lights around the window, in the fireplace or across shelving for a fun way to add ambient feel to your space

    7. Display fresh flowers

    Fresh-flowers smell nice small changes

    Image credit: Brett Symes

    Fresh flowers instantly brighten up a room. Maybe you don’t think you have a knack for flower arranging, but it easier than it looks. Simply choose your chosen blooms and bunch stems together with ribbons and lace
    for a pretty, feminine look.

    How will you make your home pretty?

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