How to make your home look pretty – 10 small changes anyone can do

Need to give your home a refresh? Here's a few simple ways to beautify your home

 If your interior is feeling a little tired and in need of a refresh, then we have some great ways to make your home look pretty. A little update here and there doesn't have to cost the earth either – sometimes it's the smaller touches that have a big impact, whether it's a new styling trick or a fresh way of displaying what you already have.

We've got a few tried-and-tested tips for sprucing up your pad without draining your wallet. From the kitchen to the bathroom, we've got all rooms covered and you'll be surprised how making these small changes can transform the way you feel about your home – in fact, you may not want to leave!

Ways to make your home look pretty

They may be simple, but these tips are often things that we overlook when we're not feeling good about our homes – especially if they're looking a little scruffy or messy. By taking the time to look at each room afresh and restyling small areas, you'll find yourself not only boosting your creative juices, but also feeling inspired to keep your home looking its best.

The great thing is that all of these ideas are cost-effective too – no costly buys or heavy DIY projects, these are small tweaks that you can do easily and without spending a penny. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the 10 small changes to make your home look pretty…

1. Declutter and tidy

kitchen with shelves and wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

It seems obvious, but most of us hang on to day-to-day objects and don't really think about whether we need them, or actually even like them anymore. If the thought of blitzing your home fills you with dread, why not try starting with small areas, like a cupboard or sideboard, rather than a full room?

From sorting out clutter on the kitchen worktops to making sure all the kids toys are stored away in the cupboard, this is an easy, cost-free way of ensuring your home looks good. Group into piles – one for charity, one to sell on or regift, and one to bin – and try to rid yourself of these piles as soon as possible so you're not tempted to drag bits back out!

This goes for your bedroom wardrobe too. 'A key thing that many people overlook is making best use of space inside your wardrobes and drawers by using dividers, draw organisers and dedicating space to shoes, handbags, accessories and even make-up and beauty products,' says Megan Baker, head of design at My Fitted Bedroom.

'By organising your wardrobes in this way you can instantly remove a lot of clutter from surfaces and the bedroom floor. Drawer organisers in all shapes and sizes are really easy to get hold of, or if you are planning a new bedroom you can build this added storage into the design to create a bespoke solution for your needs.'

2. Try a new scent

white scented candle on tray

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

It's not only a new perfume that can lift your spirits – scenting your home with a candle or diffuser can make it feel inviting and, depending on the fragrance, energise or relax you. Plus they look great styled up on a tray or shelf, so it's win-win!

Why not group a few together as a centrepiece on a dining table, or add a mix of colourful pillar candles for a bright splash? When your candle has burnt out, you could also turn the vessel it's in into a small vase for a flower posy or container for jewellery or make-up brushes, too.

3. Re-style your coffee table

living room with sofa coffee table and blue walls

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

If your coffee table is currently full of mountains of paperwork or a heap of remote controls, think about re-styling it. Pick a pile of arty hardback books and display on the table, or use a round tray and fill with candles, trinkets and small flower-filled vases.

4. Display items in threes

room with flower vase and curtains

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

As soon as you start displaying items in a group of three they begin to look like an edited selection of pieces that have been carefully curated. Trust us, this simple style trick is a winner.

Here, vases in different shapes, colours and sizes look perfectly pretty – and only one is displaying dried flowers, the other two are used simply as beautiful decorative pieces.

5. Plump up your cushions

living room with sofaset with cushions

(Image credit: Sofology)

Whether it's on your bed or your sofa, plumping up your cushions will make the world of difference. We use our cushions most days, so it's no surprise they can stop looking their best and appear flat and crumpled. Give them a plump and shake the filling so it's even inside – if this doesn't do the job, you could replace the filler.

Why not add a spritz of fabric freshener too, so they're not only looking pretty, but smelling beautiful too?

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6. Sprinkle some sparkle

room with grey wall and frame with tiny light bulbs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jon Day)

You can't go wrong with some sparkly lights for adding a romantic feel to your home, and there's nothing to say they're only for Christmas. Use them all year round to add a twinkle to dark corners, window frames, in the fireplace or across shelving or picture frames.

Want something a little more decorative? Go for paper or floral designs like these string lights above.

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7. Display fresh flowers

room with flower in vase and glass jar

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Fresh flowers instantly brighten up a room and can't be beaten in the pretty stakes. If you're green fingered, you may want to gather some from the garden – or buy some letterbox flowers that you can arrange yourself.

'It’s best to decide where you want to put your flowers before creating the arrangement,' says Caroline Grimble, lead florist at Bloom & Wild. 'Do you want these on a mantelpiece where you’ll only see all the flowers from the front? Or do you want to see all the way around the arrangement because it’s going to be on a coffee or dining table? And if you are creating lots of posies to dot down the dining table, remember that people will need to be able to see over them.'

'The vase or container you choose will determine the shape of your arrangement,' Caroline continues. 'Ideally, to create a full, round arrangement, choose a vase that has a narrow neck and a wider base as this will help to create space in the arrangement for your flowers to bloom. I like to start my arrangement by placing in the foliage first. This works like a backbone and gives some structure for you to place your flower stems around.

'Next, criss-cross in your stems, making sure any gaps are filled. Play around with the heights of the stems and layer them in the vase – making them asymmetrical will give the arrangement a lovely natural look.'

8. Style a seasonal wreath

room with garland and lighting

(Image credit:

Vases aren't the only way of displaying pretty flowers – why not create your own seasonal wreath using stems that you've grown and foraged foliage? Hang it on your door or from a hook on the wall, or prop it on a shelf for a fabulously floral decoration.

9. Add a good-looking curtain tie-back

grey coloured curtain with wooden balls

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Spruce up a plain pair of curtains with a stylish tie-back, whether it's Scandic-look beads, ornate tassels or a glittering metallic design. It's finishing touches like these that can really elevate a window treatment idea, and they're a practical option if you want to maximise the light coming into your room during the day.

10. Create some magic with lace

pink coloured rose and glass jar

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Elegant, decorative and beautifully delicate, lace is a material that will add a pretty touch wherever it sits. Wrap a length around an empty jar or vase and take it from drab to fab, add a lace trim to cushions, run a strip along your table as a runner, or frame a piece for an attractive artwork – the options are endless!

How can I make my home look pretty?

What's pretty to one person isn't necessarily so to another, however there are certain materials, colours and prints that are typically more feminine. Floral patterns, birds and butterflies, for example, are all attractive motifs, while soft furnishings in lace, silk, organza and velvet will all add a luxurious element to your home.

Small touches, such as layering up bedding, adding trims to plain cushions and curtains, styling a sideboard and injecting some fresh flowers will all elevate your interior and give it a charming feel. Think about your colour palette too. Soft pinks, pastels and lilacs are all typically pretty shades and can be added in to existing schemes for a fresh feel, or why not update it with the latest trending colours?

How will you make your home pretty?

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