Stop blaming the kids – your pampered pet could be the one wracking up the energy bill

Tips for cutting the bill without sacrificing your pets comfort

When it comes to keeping ourselves warm in winter, most of us will throw on an extra jumper to keep energy bills low. However, new research reveals when it comes to our pets 22 per cent of Brit's will happily spend more on pet energy bills. has revealed that 22 per cent of Brits are willing to spend more on energy bills to keep their pets comfortable. 13 per cent of pet owners surveyed admitted to turning on an electric heating source just for their pets three to seven times a week.

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However, it isn't just heating that pet owners are shelling out extra for, 28 per cent of pet owners admitted to putting the radio on every day for their pets. Another 25 per cent said they left the television on every day for them.

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Overall households with pets were found to have an average energy spend of £121 a year. That's from leaving the TV, lighting, heating and fans on just for their pets.

We understand that you want to care for your pets. However, certified animal behaviourist and founder of BarketPlace, Caroline Wilkinson has some simple tips to slash your energy bill without sacrificing your furry friend's comfort.

How to reduce pet energy bills

1. Rely on natural light

You might think you're being kind to your pooch by leaving the lights on, but pets are less accustomed to artificial lights than humans. By turning the lights on you could be disturbing their rest.

2. Reposition your pets' bed

Place your dog's bed in a warm corner of the room where it gets the most natural daylight.

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3. Use layered blankets

If your pet's bed is well insulated you shouldn't need to switch the heating on. Pad the bed out with extra blankets if you are worried about your pet getting chilly.

4. Opt for low-energy background noise

If your pets don't like to be left in silence, instead of switching the TV on, try a radio or low-energy white noise machine.

5. Bath your pet on warm days

If you are bathing your pet, do it on a warm day so that they're able to dry naturally without a blow-dryer.

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You can still pamper your pets while saving your pennies.

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