‘Tis the season to embrace alternative Christmas trees

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  • From plasticine to pineapples this year's alternative Christmas trees are certainly making a statement

    If you’re bored of the traditional fir tree, whether the real deal or artificial you might want to consider an alternative tree to mix things up. This week London’s Sanderson hotel unveiled an 8FT Christmas tree decorated entirely in plasticine.

    The ‘art installation’ Christmas tree, designed by Gary Card, was made using 400 bars of different coloured plasticine – taking three artists 36 hours to make all the characters and a further 10 hours to construct it on a supportive steel structure.

    The tree features many characters from the childhood classic Alice in Wonderland, including Alice herself, the Cheshire cat, rabbit, card soldiers as well as Christmas figures, snowman, gingerbread men and many more.  Thankfully the skilled artists managed to keep the plasticine colours separate in order to avoid the childs play hazard of everything ending up brown! Think you have the skills to create a plasticine Christmas tree?

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    London Sanderson hotel’s plasticine Christmas tree

    In the spirit of embracing all things on-trend we took at look at the other key trends for alternative Christmas trees going up this season…

    Claridge’s hotel have turned the whole Christmas tree trend on its head big time this year! We first saw the upside down tree a few years ago at John Lewis, it appears to have gone bigger and better this year as Claridge’s lavish tree demonstrates.

    Love an alternative Christmas tree?  Did you know Upside down Christmas trees are apparently a thing this season

    Simple to create and simply stunning! A pineapple can make the ideal quirky mini tree alternative for table tops and mantelpieces. The cool design above has been dressed to impress thanks to a set of coloured fairy lights and glitter baubles. It may not be a tree but you can guarantee it will make you smile, which should be the purpose of any Christmas decoration.

    We’ve seen the impact the humble ladder’s having this year, thanks to a growing trend for dressing them head to toe in lights and decorations to provide a fuss-free, statuesque alternative Christmas tree.

    For more ladder tree inspiration read: Ladder Christmas trees are set to be elevated to new heights for 2017!

    Which alternative tree would you choose?


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