On the mauve: it's been dubbed 'the most purple house in Britain' and it could be yours for just £400k

The 'big purple one' has been quietly causing an internet sensation since it appeared on property sales website RightMove, although a buyer for the, erm, colourful property remains elusive

Decorating can be a darn stressful business. You spend ages trawling through colour charts and daubing the walls with tester-sized paint samples in the seemingly never-ending quest to find the perfect scheme for your home.

And then voila! You hit the jackpot with that elusive hue that creates just the right ambience and says to the world, 'I live here!'

But spare a thought for the prospective new owners of this apparently innocuous-looking home in Hillingdon in Middlesex. It may look unremarkable from the outside but, step through the front door, and you're transported into a strange world where the only colour in every direction is purple.

house with purple color and garden area

(Image credit: TBC)

living room with purple wall and purple carpet floor with glass table

(Image credit: TBC)

And when we say everything is purple, we mean everything! From the
carpets to the walls to the bedlinen, nay, even the bathroom tiles don't
escape the brush with this rather distinctive colour.


And if you
think it seems a little familar, look no further than Pantone 2685c, say some clever bods from the design world - a shade the rest of us would recognise as 'Cadbury's

kitchen room with purple wall and cabinets with glass door

(Image credit: TBC)

The popular confectionery brand recently lost a legal battle with rival Nestlé over the exclusive use of the colour on its packaging. But it hasn't stopped the owners of this, erm, colourful semi creating their very own 'big purple one'.

Quite what possessed them to be quite so liberal with their favourite colour we may never know as, according to estate agent RightMove, the owners are remaining tight-lipped about their choice of decor.

Interestingly, RightMove's profile of the four-bedroom house makes no
mention of the colour scheme, focusing instead on the home's
'sought-after address', 'family-inspired design' and 'particularly
impressive' landscaped garden.

bedroom with purple wardrobe and purple carpet floor

(Image credit: TBC)

bathroom with purple carpet floor and white wall tiles with bathtub

(Image credit: TBC)

But then the pictures really do speak for themselves, don't they? In particular the purple carpet used to panel the bath and basin in the bathroom and did we mention the shiny purple wardrobe doors? Even the ceilings in every room are, you guessed it, purple.

On the plus side, the £400,000 price tag includes four cleverly planned extended bedrooms and recently replaced uPVC double glazed windows. And, according to the estate agent, the house has generated lots of interest with several viewings, although it could probably do with a lick of (preferably Brilliant White) paint.

Mysteriously, however, the property profile has now disappeared from the RightMove website. Could it be that the decorators are in?

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