Documentary reveals the relaxed style of the Queen's private sitting room (and a penchant for florals)

ITV's behind-the-scenes documentary about the Queen revealed that in her private sitting room is relaxed, personal and dare we say, a little cluttered...

Sideboards bursting with family photographs, mis-matched furniture and trinkets on the mantelpiece - it could be any proud grandmother's cosy hideaway, but this one just happens to belong to the Queen.

Director Michael Waldman spent a year working on the documentary, Our Queen (screened on Sunday night), for ITV and was given unique access to the royal household.

But behind the pomp and circumstance, the film revealed a rarely seen homely side to our monarch, where family takes centre stage and it's access all areas for Her Maj's beloved pet corgis.

white room with fire place and armchair

(Image credit: TBC)

The Queen's private sitting room at Balmoral appeared to be littered with personal paraphernalia including several teddy bears, a basket of pebbles, miniature statues and floral dog baskets.

A grand piano in the corner of the room was completely covered with an impressive collection of photographs including one of the late Queen Mother and another showing a young child sitting on top of a horse.

And rather than use Balmoral's impressive fireplaces, the monarch can be seen sitting in front of an electric heater.

queens sitting room with lamps and mirror

(Image credit: ITV)

In an interview with Radio Times, director Mr Waldman revealed how among the collection of personal items in the Queen's private sitting room at Balmoral was a cushion embroidered with the words: 'It's good to be Queen'.

He also described the monarch as 'house-proud'.

david cameroon in sitting room on armchair

(Image credit: ITV)

Prime Minister David Cameron also noted the more informal family atmosphere at Balmoral as opposed to Buckingham Palace: 'Well, it's quite informal in that you turn up and the family's doing whatever the family's doing... and there is a little bit of choice about whether you want to go and ride a horse, or try and catch a fish or go for a walk.

'You know, even though the Royal Family are on holiday, there isn't much what you'd call downtime. There's not much chillaxing at Balmoral, they're very active.'