Quick Little Builds host Gabrielle shares budget kids’ bedroom storage hack

The interior designer shares her tips for a cute and clutter-free kids' room
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  • Decorating children’s rooms should be a joyful experience. While you’re making a colourful and engaging space for your little ones to play and sleep in, it’s important to think carefully about how you are going to create storage space to hide things away.

    Quick Little Builds host Gabrielle Omar has shared a simple toy storage idea for kids’ rooms so you can keep things clutter-free.

    kids room storage chest and basket

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    ‘Storage and organization within a room is so key,’ she begins. The interior designer, architect and mother-of-two explains that storage doesn’t have to be boring.

    Gabrielle’s kids’ bedroom storage hack

    Gabrielle suggests covering open shelving with a cute curtain that kids can pull back, so they can pull out drawers or baskets of toys. This does the job of hiding the mess and adding fun pattern and texture through fabric.

    We love the idea of bringing in textiles in this way, and it prevents kids from trapping their little fingers in cupboard doors. You could even DIY it if you’re feeling thrifty, using one of the classic IKEA wooden toy storage units with plastic storage boxes.


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    You’d just need to attach a thin net curtain wire to the top edge, and wrap some fun fabric around the wire with some hemming tape.

    ‘Don’t go crazy on colours,’ Gabrielle warns, ‘because they won’t go to sleep. It’s great to have an overall neutral-ish tone to the space, but have fun within stuff that you can put away.’

    Gabrielle comments that she looks at kids’ bedrooms like a really ‘cute mini world,’ as well as finding ways to stop it from feeling cluttered. ‘Because clutter also doesn’t work with kids,’ she says.

    girl's bedroom with book shelves and storage

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    ‘If you can design a room where everything can be put away and it’s almost bare, you’re winning. Sometimes a kid just needs to sit and relax and have a clutter-free space.’

    She also shared a multifunctional children’s room idea she recently made for her daughter. ‘I’ve just designed a desk which is also a whiteboard, so she can doodle straight onto the table.’

    When it comes to small children’s room ideas, it’s worth creating even more storage space than you think you need.

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